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Outsourcing Versus In-House Flutter App Development

Mobile apps have revolutionized many businesses and organizations. The covid out-break has made us realize the ease & efficiency of conducting business online and through mobile apps. Flutter, since its inception, has been widely adopted for its cross-platform compatibility and reduced development overhead. It has helped businesses/organizations widen their scope from only mobile users to all types of users. With apps like Alibaba & Tencent adopting flutter, we can understand the growing popularity of flutter as a choice for developing cross-platform apps. Now that we have understood the idea behind flutter app development – let’s dive into the types of development strategies we can choose.

IT Outsourcing

This is a common choice among organizations nowadays. It is having IT outsourcing companies take care of their development needs. For eg., a Flutter App Development Company can help you set up remote teams which work on your app development with relevant expertise and help you boost productivity & reduce costs to a minimum.


  1. The budget for outsourcing Flutter App development is low, as you don’t have to take care of hiring the talents, training, licensing, and managing resources, leading to more efficient cost management.
  2. Outsourcing will minimize the risk of development, as there help you with development using the latest trends and proven & tested methods.
  3. A professional mobile app development company can help by providing a proper representative for overcoming challenges like mistakes or time delays during the development.
  4. Outsourcing companies provide end-to-end services which can help you develop your apps with insurance provided by outsourcing companies.


  1. Total control over the project is not possible as there is a 3rd party involved between you & developers during all transactions. It can also lead to unmanaged costs that a company may encounter.
  2. Outsourcing companies may take time to understand & employ your company policies, vision, ideas & brand. It may result in a conflict of interest.
  3. Scope of future development or insurance has to be agreed on in the start as this can be later detrimental if the outsourcing company denies service.

In-House Development

This is the traditional way, where the development team and resources belong to the organization. You are responsible for every decision related to hiring talent to the strategies you’ll deploy for developing your app, believing that this can be a highly cost-efficient & controlled way of app development. But, Managing an app development without proper expertise can be detrimental to your development process. This option is for organizations whose project goals are more long-term to make it the most efficient choice for development.


  1. In-House development gives you control over multiple aspects of development such as time & money management & talent hired.
  2. In-House employees are well aware of company policies, ideas & brand-values of their companies, reducing the learning curve and helping boost employee code amongst developers.
  3. In-house projects have a better decision-making time & faster sign-off cycle as the concerned parties work together. Majorly, the team of developers can help strengthen the strategy for companies using innovative technologies.
  4. Revisions & number iterations are not limited, helping companies to have flexibility over the development cycles.


  1. Setting up in-house development comes with a high-cost where-in you have to keep in mind factors like – training, licensing, and infrastructural costs.
  2. Lack of expertise can also be a factor for companies just starting and is associated with extra costs & time.
  3. Recruiting the correct mix of talent is also very time-consuming & can come with an additional cost of hiring technical HRs for the job.

Overall, In-house development is ideal for companies ready to invest time & money. It also helps them with flexibility in the development process. It can also help companies innovate their strategies with technologies.

Outsourcing is a better choice if you have a short-term development cycle in your mind which gives the best value for money and helps you explore the app industry in the safest way possible.

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