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Why Buy an Advanced Laser Engraver for Your 3d Printer

Laser engraving is a common word for anyone versed in 3D printing technology. Though laser engraving sometimes gets used in the same sentences as laser cutting, there is a lot between the words. But what exactly does laser engraving mean? And how does it work? Laser engraving aims to engrave specific patterns, pictures, or logos to selected material. So when the 3D laser engraving process starts, the beam creates a high heat that burns or evaporates on the material surface, creating the desired image.

So having the best 3D printer that can engrave a personalized gift to you makes the whole 3D printing process very interesting. A laser engraver 3D printer can make almost anything. What makes even everything excellent is its ability to be switched from one form to another. It can get changed to a 3D printer, laser engraver, and CNC carver! So with the Snapmaker 2.0 3D printer, you can switch from one form of printing to another, ready to engrave any image you desire.

3D printers are great for creating exceptional printing, so getting a Snapmaker 2.0 laser engraver 3D printer can save valuable space in your workplace because of its economical yet sizeable working area. If you feel that your printer is not working required, you can upgrade it by adding a 3D laser engraver add-on from our website. The 10W high-power laser module is the game changer! The module design fits all the Snapmaker models. In addition, it packs more punch, bringing the output up from 5W to a whooping 10W for power users. The upgrade empowers the user further and also gives them endless possibilities for being creative. For more details about our 10W high-power laser module, visit our website, and don’t forget to place your order.

While laser engraving and 3D printing get used interchangeably sometimes, they mean two different things. They are two machines performing various tasks, but the two techniques are similar at a construction level. In addition, 3D printing has many advantages in daily life and for professionals, but if there is a machine that can complement well your 3D printer is the laser engraver! The advantage of a 3D laser engraver over 3D printing is its ability to work with infinite materials at a very high speed. So if you want to increase your printer’s functionality, add a laser engraver for a 3D printer. If you need this add-on, visit our website to place your order.

With many manufacturers selling 3D printing products, getting what you need can be overwhelming. So to be safe, we recommend trying our 10 W high power 3D laser engraver add-on. It has the following feature that will increase the functionality of your printer.

  • Its speed is eight times that of the 1.6W Snapmaker laser module, which allows for working with a broader range of materials in s short time.
  • It has a maximum cutting depth of 8mm of basswood. Therefore, the work speed of the laser module can be as high as 6000mm/min while cutting through basswood with a thickness of 8mm, which can accomplish a challenging task quickly.
  • It is a 10W high-power laser module. With the fast-axis Collimating (FAC) lenses embedded in the two laser diodes, the module first compresses the laser spot of each laser diode. Then it combines the laser beams of the two laser diodes, resulting in higher output power and an ultra-fine laser focus of 0.05mm x 0.2mm, which allows for a higher density with extraordinary details.
  • It has a unique wind channel inside the 10W laser module, which provides excellent wind pressure, blowing the fumes away as the laser beam cuts into the material, sending the fumes out to be channeled out, reducing their interference with the laser machining Read more

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