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Wholesale Hotel Bedding Set

Hospitality organizations require high-quality hotel bedding to offer their guests a restful night’s rest. Bedding must be durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain and clean up after.

This wholesale hotel linen collection consists of quality sheets and pillowcases in bulk. They’re offered in classic white to comply with hospitality standards and allow staff to quickly spot stains.

Bed Sheets

Hotel guests expect soft, cozy sheets in hotels. In addition, these linens must be durable enough for frequent washings and daily use, which usually involves frequent launderings and usage. Most hotel sheets are either cotton or linen-based materials; usually white to indicate cleanliness and complement other color themes and decor schemes.

Hospitality bedding manufacturers and mattress wholesalers specialize in offering hotel quality sheets at wholesale prices, offering customers exactly what they’re looking for – often more colors and models than department stores, plus they sell these items bulk to provide hotels with all they require without incurring expensive retail prices.

Search for sheets with elastic edges to quickly make beds. Many hotels also provide flat sheets as an extra comfort measure and to protect stitched duvet covers; monogrammed or patterned designs give guests a personalized experience in their room.


Comforters are large quilted blankets filled with synthetic fiber filling. Comforters are sold in bedding sets or bed-in-a-bag sets with matching sheets and pillow shams, making it easier for users who prefer an uncluttered bed to keep clean.

These cushions come in an assortment of colors and designs that add flair to a bedroom without the hassle of constantly switching covers. Many come equipped with colorful thread marking different sizes so cleaning staff can quickly identify them while washing.

Hoteliers should ensure the comforters they purchase have a high fill power, as this increases blanket warmth. Furthermore, hoteliers may wish to consider adding weighted blankets into their bedding sets in order to release chemicals that promote sleep while providing optimal temperatures throughout their rooms.


Pillowcases are used to protect pillows and keep them hygienic. Made from fabric similar to sheets, high quality pillowcases may feature decorative features like embroidery or hemstitching along the open cuff, such as decorative stitching or embroidery.

Hotels often feature an assortment of pillows on their beds, from standard rectangles and Euro/lumbar designs, as well as feather and down fills for an opulent, relaxing experience.

Hotel bedding textiles are specifically engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of commercial laundry cycles. By purchasing in bulk, hotels can save more while simultaneously decreasing frequency of deliveries to their suppliers – an advantage both parties share.

Mattress Covers

Mattress covers serve as an extra protective barrier to help extend the quality and lifespan of guest beds, keeping them hygienic by guarding against staining, spillage, and even bedbug infestation.

A high-quality mattress protector should feature elasticized or zippered edges to cling tightly around the mattress, and prevent movement during sleep. Material options could range from polyester or natural fabrics like bamboo-derived viscose rayon, which offers cooling and breathability benefits.

Mattress covers are essential items in any hotel, motel, inn or bed and breakfast establishment. By having high quality wholesale hotel bedding sets available to ensure guests experience restful nights’ stays, boosting reputation and increasing revenues in turn. It is recommended to select premium grade mattress protectors which not only look attractive but can withstand wear and tear for long-term use as this will increase revenue streams significantly.

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