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5 Design Tips for an Inviting Commercial Parking Lot

How many prospective customers pass through your commercial parking lot every day? Are some of your customers driving right on by because they’re intimidated by your commercial parking lot?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you could increase your revenue by making small but impactful design changes to your parking lot. And if you need help figuring out where to start, keep reading. We’re going to break this down for you.

1. Make Stunning Green Spaces

Creating a parking lot with green space is an easy strategy to make it more inviting while involving nature in the design. Starting with suitable materials can help set the tone for parking lot landscaping. Decorative pavers and natural stone can add texture and give the space more character.

Planting shrubbery and trees can bring a vibrant feel to the environment and reduce noise. For a more natural look, adding some grass or ground cover can help soften the edges of the property.

2. Make It Easy to Maintain

One of the main elements to bear in mind is the maintenance needed to keep it looking its best. An asphalt lot should be regularly sealed with an asphalt sealer to reduce cracking and protect against extreme weather conditions. Regular weeding, trimming, and sweeping the pavement also help keep it neat.

The parking lot cleaner linked here can help you maintain the lot’s beauty. A well-lit lot gives customers a sense of safety and makes locating their vehicles easy. 

3. Create Shaded Areas

Another essential element to consider is how to create shaded areas. You can do this in various ways, including trees, bushes, and even awnings.

Additionally, adding sun-blocking shade structures like umbrellas or cabanas can provide much-needed relief from the hot sun. Depending on the size of the parking lot, adding several covered parking stalls could also work. 

4. Consider the Parking Lot Colors

When planning a design for an inviting commercial exterior, consider the parking lot colors. Inviting parking lot colors create a sense of safety, security, and efficiency. Consider using calming yet stimulating hues that reflect and accentuate the brand message.

For a light and airy atmosphere, you can use pastel blues, pinks, and greens. You can utilize earth tones such as browns, olives, and terracotta for a more sophisticated feel. 

5. Build Pathways and Hardscapes

When planning the layout, create pathways and hardscapes that guide people around the property. Make sure these pathways are well-lit, clearly outlined, and provide a sense of safe security. Incorporate benches, seating areas, and well-groomed business landscaping.

It is to create a welcoming atmosphere. Natural elements like steppingstones, pebbles, and gravel can be used as pathways between parking spaces. It also can add a nice contrast to the surrounding environment. With the proper parking lot landscaping, you can increase and attract your customer quickly.

Make a Beautiful Commercial Parking Lot Today

From extensive line striping to strategically placed lighting, many design tips exist for creating an inviting commercial parking lot. These tips will help ensure a safe, efficient, attractive parking space that can be used for property owners and customers alike.

Having a beautiful parking lot design will significantly benefit your business. If you need assistance designing your commercial parking lot, contact a professional today to get started.

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