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Wholesale Custom Boxes: Visually Appealing and Enticing Boxes

Wholesale boxes pack hemp oil, cannabis, and other related items. Most of these boxes are manufactured in cardboard and kraft material to keep products in their real forms. Besides this, you can customize any design on these custom boxes according to your taste. You can imprint your brand logo and other graphics to make packaging more enchanting. You can also decorate them with additional add-ons suitable for the pre-roll boxes.

custom boxes

Why Wholesale Custom Boxes and How They Can Boost Your Cannabis Brand?

In modern times, the cannabis business is progressing. Along with the fame of cannabis products, their boxes need personalized packaging. Cannabis consumers also look for trendy and latest packaging for their products. Custom printed boxes designed with custom styles, and colors give the product’s packaging an elegant appearance. The best advertisement tool is a custom box with a business logo and catchy taglines. The alluring prints and multi-color packaging grab the attention of the audience at the means time. Subsequently, it gives rise to sales.

What are the Advantages of Wholesale Boxes?
You can get numerous benefits with printed boxes, such as:

  1. Custom boxes visually appeal to inside products and provide customers with a stunning unboxing experience.
  2. The manufacturing of custom boxes with kraft and cardboard helps design the box’s desired shape and size.
  3. Cardboard boxes secure fragile roll buds from external damage and keep them in their natural shape for a long time.
  4. boxes printed with coatings and additional features give an aesthetically appealing look and grab customers’ attention.
  5. Wholesale pre-roll boxes are affordable and assist in the safe transit of items over a long distance.

Wholesale Boxes in Numerous Shapes and Styles:
Pre-roll boxes are available in different styles. You can select the box style according to your artwork that suits your needs.

We design custom boxes in the following styles:

  1. Custom boxes with tray and sleeves
  2. Cigarette box packaging
  3. Custom pre-roll joint boxes

However, if you have any idea of style in your mind, convey it to our skilled experts. They will strive to create your dreamy custom box.

Top-Notch Printing Methods:
The stage of the printing method comes after the designs and style selection of custom boxes. The accurate and high-quality prints give a very soothing effect. Our company utilizes innovative printing machines to produce wholesale pre-roll boxes. Our printing methods involve:
Offset printing technique
Digital printing technique
Color print model (CMYK and PMS)
No Color Prints

All these color printing methods provide reliable and best-quality results at affordable prices. Moreover, you can use no printing solution if you are not ready for custom printing.

Assembling of Pre-Roll Boxes with 100% Eco-Friendly and Durable Material:

Material selection is one of the most critical stages. Packing products in flimsy and poor-quality stock can decrease your item’s worth and defame your brand’s name. We at Urgent Boxes use premium quality and environment-friendly stock to craft durable packaging. Our material options include:

kraft boxes
cardboard boxes
corrugated cardboard

Kraft pre-roll boxes are 100% biodegradable and secure for the environment. Kraft is a durable and environment-friendly stock that keeps your fragile roll buds fresh and safe for longer.
In comparison, cardboard boxes are durable and viable for crafting any graphics and packaging design. Packaging products in cardboard boxes secure them from external harm like contamination and moisture. Corrugated cardboard creates sturdy packaging and is an optimal choice for safe shipping.

Create Remarkable Boxes with Incredible Add-Ons and Embellishments and Amaze your customers:

Additional add-ons and embellishments create more durable and appealing packaging for pre-roll boxes.

In coatings, we apply:

matte lamination
gloss lamination
aqueous coating
spot UV

Our embellishing solutions include:

foil stamping
silver/ gold foiling
inserts and handles
PVC sheets
Windows cut-outs

Custom Boxes Mart: An Ultimate Packaging Supplier Station

Why did you choose Urgent Boxes? What makes us an ideal place for custom boxes? Custom Boxes Mart has been supplying its extraordinary services as a packaging provider for many years. We have been named among the most reliable companies in the USA. We ensure to deliver customers satisfactory services at reasonable prices. The provision of best quality packaging has made us the number one choice of our customers. Order now and experience our state-of-the-art services.

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