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 Wheel Spacers What Are They?

Wheel spacers are a kind of aftermarket accessory that serves a certain function. They provide more space between your car’s wheels and the body of the vehicle. They are a standard enhancement that comes at a low cost. Citroen wheel spacers have a great deal to offer both on-road and off-road vehicles, making them quite versatile.

What function do wheel spacers serve?

Wheel spacers are components that you attach to your existing wheel assembly. They slide into place in the void around the hub and the wheel. After that, they make a space, which pushes the wheel more to the outside. This causes a greater distance between the assembly of the wheel centre as well as the wheel component. It is essential to keep in mind that spacers do not shift the hub assembly; rather, they just shift the wheel. As a consequence, there will be more space between the wheel and the wheel well.

A Comprised Group of Wheel Spacings

Because of the many advantages they provide, installing wheel spacers is a prominent decision among participants in both the street-focused as well as off-road sectors. Wheel spacers are a component that is only available as an alternative accessory. You will have to provide your car to mount them on.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Wheel Spacing Devices

Whenever you install a set of wheel spacers on your vehicle, there are several things you should keep in mind, even though in most cases they are beneficial.


Better Handling

Better handling is among the key advantages that performance-oriented drivers will notice after installing wheel spacers. The vehicle’s stability improves by increasing the space between the front and rear axles. The general performance, traction, and cornering are all better as a result of this.

Enables Tyres and Wheels of a Greater Diameter without Contact

Wheel spacers enable vehicle owners to install larger tyres on their road-focused vehicles, which leads to better grip and control. Off-roaders often choose tyres that are bigger and higher than the ones that come from the manufacturer. In the absence of spacers, these Wheel Spacers may make contact with the rear wheels or the fender flares.

Another reason to acquire spacers is if you plan on upgrading to bigger wheels. Most drivers choose to install bigger rear wheels on their vehicles. Because of this, some sets of wheel spacers include a bigger pair for the rear, while others just provide a pair for the rear to go with them.

Makes it Possible to Use Bigger Brake Calipers

Most of the time, the rotors on performance brakes are larger than those on OEM brakes. Wheel spacers allow for the installation of bigger brake callipers that would otherwise not fit.

Creates a One-of-a-Kind Appearance and Stance for the Vehicle

It doesn’t matter whether you like the look of a car with wheel spacers or not; the fact is that they alter the look of the vehicle. With some little spacers, your wheels will finally line up perfectly with the stock fender flares. This appeals to a large number of people. The addition of extreme spacers will significantly increase the amount of aftermarket style. It will provide a style that will differentiate itself visually from standard automobiles.


Approximately $125 is the average price for a quality four-piece set of wheel spacers. This offers a lot of value for money seeing the significant influence it has on both efficiency and appearance. There aren’t a lot of other alternative modifications that can provide the same level of improvement for the same price.

Simple to Setup

Installing wheel spacers is a pretty simple process. The level of complexity is comparable to that of installing a brand-new wheel. It’s something you can perform in your own parking space or garage with some simple equipment. It takes about fifteen minutes to remove each wheel completely. Because of this, doing this task is straightforward on any day of the week.


The Need for More Effortful Steering

The additional steering exertion that wheel spacers cause is the trade-off for the better handling that they provide. As a result of the increased distance between the wheels, turning the tyres requires a greater amount of input from the steering wheel. This is a consequence of the higher tyre scrub radius or steering axis inclination with the tyres. When travelling at low speeds, you will become more aware of the impacts. On the other hand, because of advancements in power steering, this drawback is much easier to ignore.

Deterioration in the Ride Comfort

The automobile designers who worked on your vehicle performed an excellent job optimising it before it ever left the factory. The installation of spacers, on the other hand, throws things off a little bit. There will be a noticeable decline in driving dynamics as the wheels move farther away from their support parts. The greater the spacers that you use, the more of an adverse effect they will have on your comfort.

More deterioration occurs on the parts of the suspension

Because the wheels are further apart from the car, the suspension is under additional pressure. Parts such as your wheel bearings will experience a faster rate of wear if you have a broader geometry.

Wheel spacers: secure or not?

Wheel spacers of a good grade are not a safety concern when put correctly. But in certain places, it’s against the law to have wheels that protrude beyond the vehicle’s fenders or wheel wells. These regulations for motor vehicles reduce the possibility of walkers or other drivers getting injuries from pebbles or other debris. Find out what the rules are by looking into the laws and regulations in your area.

In addition, as was just discussed, wheel spacers might cause the suspension components to wear out more rapidly. This isn’t necessarily dangerous, but there is the potential for it to be harmful in the long run.

Wheel spacers have the possibility of causing your tyres to rub on the surface of the wheel in certain circumstances. The tyre’s outside edge can brush against the fender flare rather than the tyre’s inner edge. The size of your wheel wells will determine how this works. Even after using spacers, if your tyres are still touching, there is something wrong.

Wheel spacers versus wheel adapters

There is a lot of semantic overlap between wheel spacers and wheel adapters, two terms that have the same name and function in the same manner. To extend the rim of a wheel, you need to utilise wheel spacers. Wheel adapters may also perform the function of spacers. Their structure of them makes it inevitable. Nevertheless, they provide an additional advantage by altering the layout of the lug nuts on a wheel. This way the operator of a vehicle may choose new wheels that are suitable for their needs.

Wheel spacers and adapters are occasionally bundled into a single component, even though each provides a distinct advantage. You could purchase a wheel spacer adapter package for a price that is comparable to that of standard wheel spacers. Your wheels will have more room between them, and you’ll be able to adjust the bolt pattern without any more effort. Contact us to buy Wheel Spacers from our facility.

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