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What to Look For in A Staffing Agency in Bangkok

Many small enterprises continue to struggle with the challenge of finding skilled people. Reviewing applications, conducting interviews with potential employees, and engaging in salary negotiations all take valuable time away from the owner of a business’s current commitments, which may, in the long run, be detrimental to the company’s success. Because of this, many businesses collaborate with outside employment agencies. 

The role of a staffing agency is to function as a go-between for employees and employers, assisting in the placement of competent applicants inside businesses that currently have available positions for employment. 

Working with a staffing agency may save your company time if it requires extra labor. It also provides several other advantages, like flexibility and a reduction in the possibility of legal problems. Heads up! This article is geared toward business owners and hiring managers who have never collaborated with a staffing agency in the past but are interested in expanding their company’s workforce by teaming with an outside staffing firm.

Things to Look for In a Staffing Agency in Bangkok

On-site human resources personnel are tasked with various responsibilities in addition to recruitment. What’s wrong with this picture? It’s possible that certain chores won’t receive the attention they need. Because of this, it is recommended to outsource talent acquisition to a staffing agency. 

But how can you choose which employment agency best fits you and your needs? Because a staffing service is entirely focused on finding the perfect personnel that satisfies all of your needs, they make it possible for you to carry out your HR responsibilities without interruption. 

But how can you choose the best staffing agency in Bangkok for your company? The following are five qualities that any excellent staffing service provider must have.

1. Core Specialization

Does the staffing agency possess any fundamental areas of specialization? These days, staffing businesses specialize in locating workers with specific qualifications for various roles and industries. Some staffing companies can fill executive-level jobs with qualified candidates, and others are able to satisfy the criteria for mass recruiting. In contrast, others are adept at catering to the requirements of a particular sector.

2. The Hiring and Orientation Procedure

When a company decides to outsource the procedure of recruiting and onboarding new employees, one of its primary goals is to meet the company’s personnel needs more swiftly. For example, the AI-powered HRMS software offered by BetterPlace streamlines and simplifies the onboarding process while eliminating the need for paper forms. 

In addition, automatic dashboards allow you to monitor the latest information and changes about employee attendance, remuneration, and other relevant topics. It is important if you understand the recruiting strategy that your staffing provider uses to make the hiring and onboarding procedures as smooth as possible.

3. The Market edge

We know that the world we live in is quite competitive. Employment agencies need to meet a wide variety of criteria to differentiate themselves in the market, given the large number of applicants now available and the increasing number of companies developing new and specialized jobs.

4. Service excellence

A staffing agency loyal to its clients must guarantee that the candidates they send to their clients’ companies will be beneficial in the long term. It is necessary for them to follow up frequently with your management or HR staff in order to determine whether or not the applicants are fulfilling your performance standards.

5. Reputation and Dependability of the Company

When choosing a supplier of staffing services, you should evaluate the company’s dependability and reputation based on the following criteria: After gaining a reputation in the industry and working in the field for a number of years, a company may get the expertise necessary to provide staffing solutions.

What are the steps of staffing?

Without the assistance of its human resources, a business will be unable to manage its operations successfully. As a result, human resources are an essential component to the successful operation of every organization. The following actions make up the phases of the staffing process:

  1. Planning for Manpower

Planning for Manpower is the quantitative and qualitative assessment of the staffing needed in an organization. This measurement is known as “manpower planning.” It requires analyzing and compiling a personnel inventory and identifying and cultivating the required skills in those individuals who have been picked for possible career advancement.

  1. Recruitment

The process of locating individuals who have the potential to become employees of an organization and convincing them to submit applications for open jobs within that organization is referred to as recruitment. If the process of hiring new workers is carried out in a scientifically sound manner, then this will lead to improved salaries, improved employee morale, and increased staff productivity.

  1. Selection

The term “selection” refers to whittling down a pool of possible applicants to a more manageable number and removing those individuals who do not meet the requirements of the open jobs in the organization. The selection goal is to ensure that the organization hires the most qualified individual for each available job so that its operations may be carried out most effectively.

  1. Placement

The process of acclimating a new worker to the responsibilities of the position they were employed in an organization is called placement. The new employee will be introduced to the organization and the various job areas during the orientation process.

  1. Training

Training is the process of giving newly recruited workers an understanding of the work they will accomplish and how to do that job. Training may also refer to the actual procedure. Training is a crucial component of the recruiting process since it assists in keeping workers up to speed on the most recent methods of operation in an organization. Additionally, as a result of developments in technology, additional technologies will emerge; hence, it is essential for staff to be kept up to speed with the most recent development.

  1. Development

The term “development” refers to the opportunities afforded to workers within an organization for personal and professional advancement. Because of the potential for dissatisfaction among workers in the absence of significant possibilities for professional growth, the organization is responsible for providing such opportunities.

  1. Promotion

A rise in income, a new designation, or both may be given to an employee as part of the promotion process. This is referred to as “promotion.” The promotion to a higher classification comes with a corresponding salary increase, bonuses, or incentives. Various situations might arise where a change in designation does not increase compensation.

  1. Transfer

A transfer is moving an employee from one job to another in the same organization without providing the person with any monetary advantage or increasing the employee’s level of responsibility. This function requires periodic evaluation to operate properly.

  1. Appraisal

It is the process of checking the progress made on the job that subordinates have done. In addition to this, it investigates human behavior and the outlook and capabilities of the employee concerning the performance of their duties.

  1. Determining an Employee’s Pay 

The remuneration that an employee receives is highly significant for the employee’s continued existence. Because no technologies can precisely assess pay, it is considered one of the most challenging jobs.

Difference Between Staffing and Recruitment  

The practice of looking for and acquiring possible individuals to fill a position is referred to as recruiting. In addition, the selection process, which is a staffing component, is used to choose the most qualified applicant for the position. 

It is through the recruitment procedure that people learn more about other job opportunities within the company and to decide if they want to accept the position or not. This process attracts a lot of applicants to apply for the vacant opening, and it is also through the recruitment process that people learn about other job openings within the company.

On the other hand, staffing refers to the process of recruiting appropriate applicants for a vacancy who applied for the position on their initiative. It often entails several processes, such as calculating the workforce need, the number of people necessary for the unfilled job vacancy, and encouraging individuals from outside the organization to apply for the position.

What are the Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency?

The following are examples of the benefits that come with using the staffing processes:

1. It makes it easier to place the appropriate individual in the appropriate position inside an organization.

2. It contributes to an improvement in the productivity of the organization by enhancing the quality of the people who are selected, which, when combined with training, results in a rise in the productivity of the organization.

3. It maintains high morale among workers and also gives them a sense of accomplishment in their work.

4. It contributes to the organization’s efforts to preserve a harmonious working atmosphere inside the company.

To sum it up…

Organizations that lack the time, experience, or resources required to effectively manage the hiring process often contract with staffing firms to undertake the procedures of recruiting and selection on their behalf. 

Some employment services supply personnel on a temporary basis, while others find people for positions on a temporary-to-permanent basis. 

There are several advantages to subscribing to a staffing agency for a company, regardless of the sort of job that is being offered. Some of these benefits include expertise, affordability, availability of personnel, and employee retention. 

Visit Vinarco Recruitment Agency Bangkok for further information on the staffing procedure if you are interested in learning more about it.

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