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BuyRealGramViews: 7 Simple Ways To Promote An Event On Social Media

The world now revolves around social media! Everyone, from young to old adults, uses social media daily. Moreover, it is the best way to spread any news and reach your target audience. If your business conduct events, then promoting it on social media allows you to connect with more people and helps to enhance your audience base. If you want to become famous on social media, then buy Instagram story views and boost your online recognition. 

When you start promoting your business, it is essential to make a plan. With the right social media tools, you can effectively provide the attendees with the best experience and increase the number of event participants. From this article, you may learn how to promote an event using social media platforms and strategies. 

7 Ideas To Promote An Event On Social Media 

With various social media techniques, you can create a great digital experience for your guests from the start to the end. Social media promotion is entirely different from regular event promotion. Below are some simple tips for promoting your event. You can learn and implement it in your upcoming promotions. Let’s get started!

1. Use Countdown On Instagram Stories

If you want your audience to know about the launch of any event, then using a countdown sticker is the best choice. With the countdown sticker, you must set an end date and time. It will give the audience an eagerness about the event. Viewers can also get notifications when the clock ends. Instagram allows viewers to add countdown stickers on their own stories. 

2. Create Your Own Hashtag And Promote It On Social Media

A specific hashtag for an event is more like a branded hashtag. The hashtags for events should involve the name of the event in it. When you create your own hashtag, you need to be careful with the keyword selection. Keep your hashtags small, unique, and relevant. If you successfully develop hashtags, you can use them on various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., So it helps in cross-promotion. You can search for other event-related content or use social media marketing tools to find the best hashtags that suit your events.

3. Use Social Media Ads 

Although Social media ads require investment, it is an excellent way to promote your event. Social media ads are developed to target a specific audience group. As ads are only for a few seconds, it is better to make your first impression best where it creates higher conversion rates. If possible, make customized and unique templates to improve your brand identity. If you want to amplify your exposure online, try using BuyRealGramViews and enhancing your reach. 

4. Host A Contest Or Giveaway

As people love to get free things, hosting a contest or giveaway is ideal for promoting your event. A giveaway or contest will help you increase brand awareness and turn your followers into event participants. For example, you can ask people to share the contest with you so that they get the entry for the contest. In addition, if you sponsor your event, they may also sponsor giveaway products to the attendees. 

5. Manage Event Page On Social Media

You can post all the information regarding the event on the social media event page. Creating a new event page and uploading the information takes only a few minutes. Ensure you include the link to your event on the landing page. You can also fix the number of participants for the events. Also, make sure you have the guest speaker details too. It would be efficient to use Facebook’s event page to gain the traction of millions of eyes. 

6. Design An Effective Landing Page

You may include the external link if you post the event on the stories or reels. If the viewers click on the external link, it should land on the specific landing page with all the information about the event. The landing page should be well-designed with professionalism. It should be informative and compelling with call-to-action buttons that help visitors enter a particular event.

7. Go For Live 

It would be best to go live on various social media platforms during the event. People who cannot attend the event at a physical place can see it virtually through Live. In addition, social media Live will help the audience interact with the guest speaker and clear their doubts. If you want to improve your social media engagement rate, try using BuyRealGramViews and acquire stardom effortlessly. 


If you better understand your target audience, the more effective your promotion campaigns. Many marketers make this mistake; as soon as after the event launch, you will stop its promotion. Ensure you keep promoting your events and keep the event engaging among the audience. We hope this article is valuable and informative. Kindly leave your comments below after reading the article. 

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