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What to Expect from a Certified Home Inspector in Saint Louis


Purchasing a home in Saint Louis represents a major investment. To gain confidence and make the most informed decision, having a professional home inspection performed prior to closing is strongly recommended. If you’re buying real estate in Saint Louis, here’s what to expect when working with a certified professional home inspector:

Initial Contact

A reputable home inspector will reach out upon booking to introduce themselves, review the inspection process, and answer initial questions. This pre-inspection contact provides a glimpse into their communication approach and professionalism.

Solid Credentials

Ask about credentials upfront. At minimum, Missouri requires inspectors hold a state license. Additionally, certification through InterNACHI involves passing rigorous exams on home systems, construction methods and standards of practice. Certification signals advanced capabilities.

Exterior Assessment

The inspection typically starts with a thorough assessment of the home exterior and roof. The inspector will look closely at the condition of roofing, chimneys, gutters, siding, trim, windows, decks, drainage, and check for cracks or signs of pests.

Attic & Ventilation Inspection 

Next comes an interior attic inspection evaluating insulation, ventilation, moisture levels, framing, wiring and pipes. The inspector will look for evidence of animals or insects. Proper attic ventilation is important for efficiency and moisture control.

Interior Room-by-Room

Inspection Expect a detailed inspection of all interior rooms including walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, built-in cabinetry and components. The inspector tests all outlets, lights, fans, windows, and doors and runs appliances through cycles to check functionality.

Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical Systems

A certified home inspector will conduct an in-depth assessment of all home systems. This includes inspection of visible pipes, water pressure, water heaters, furnaces, AC, thermostats, wiring, breaker panels and junctions. They’ll operate systems and test for proper functioning.

What is Not Included

Home inspectors do not assess detached structures like garages or sheds unless specifically added for an additional fee. Specialized tests for things like mold, water quality, and radon are also not typically included in general home inspections but can be arranged separately.

Post-Inspection Consultation

At the end of the on-site 2-3 hour inspection, the inspector will review key findings with you, point out any safety concerns, and address any final questions. Expect a verbal summary first, with the full detailed write-up to follow within 24 hours.

Comprehensive Written Report 

A complete home inspection report contains extensive detail on all aspects of the property evaluated, including descriptive summaries, detailed repair recommendations, cost estimates, safety issues, priority concerns, and helpful photos. Quality reports avoid jargon and are clearly formatted for ongoing use as a maintenance reference.

Guidance on Repair Negotiation

For sizable inspection items, a reputable inspector will provide guidance on negotiating credits or repairs with the seller prior to closing. Most sellers will agree to address serious issues when presented with an official inspection report.

Ongoing Communication

A truly thorough home inspector will encourage ongoing communication after the inspection is complete, making themselves available to answer any questions that arise once you’ve had a chance to review their report fully. Choose an inspector who provides this level of continuing service.

When you know what to expect from a certified home inspector Saint Louis, it eases worries and helps make the process informative for buyers. Partnering with a trusted, experienced inspector gives you confidence in your next big investment! Read more

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