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What to Do if a Tree Falls on Your Land

Storms are an unfortunate fact of life in central Ohio. Wind, snow, and rain all disrupt lives, knock over trees, and make the evening news. When trees are severely damaged or down, the safest and easiest step to take is to call a tree removal expert. If you’ve never dealt with downed trees, here’s what to do when one falls on your property.

When Neighbors’ Trees Fall

No matter who a tree belongs to, it can cause major problems when it falls on someone else’s land. You’ll have to find an Arborist Near Me and pay for the work or find out about coverage through a homeowner’s insurance policy. Thankfully, most neighbors do whatever they can to help in these situations.

When Trees Fall into Roadways

If an area is heavily trafficked, block or rope it off to minimize the risk of injury before taking the following steps.

  • Check power lines. From a safe distance, check to see if power lines have been affected. If so, turn off the main power supply or, at the very least, unplug electronics. Then, call the utility company to notify them of the problem.
  • Call a tree specialist. Next, contact a local tree expert that provides emergency services. Be prepared to send photos of the damage. In most cases, arborists can come out within a few hours, and they’ll likely work with your homeowner’s insurance company directly.

Fallen trees can be extremely dangerous. Even if it looks like it’s already down, it may be under intense pressure. Don’t try to clean it up yourself. Leave the heavy lifting to the experts. Call or click to schedule an emergency consultation with a certified arborist.

Should Homeowners Go Through Insurance for Fallen Trees?

If a tree falls on a home, it’s best to open a claim with the insurance company. It won’t affect your rate in most cases, and reporting the incident will help the family stay safe and save money. You’ll need a couple of pieces of information:

  • The claim number
  • The insurance adjuster’s name, email address, and phone number

It’s likely that you won’t pay anything for the work. In most situations, the municipality, the utility company, or an insurance company will cover the bill. Ohio’s rules can be complex, so contacting a local emergency tree removal expert is the easiest way to figure things out.

Handling the Paperwork

While it seems counterproductive, it’s the law: you’ll need a permit to remove a fallen tree whether it fell naturally or with human intervention. We can handle the permitting process so you don’t have to. It’s only one way we help the area’s homeowners deal with an already time-consuming and stressful situation.

Call Today for Emergency Tree Service

It can be frightening to have a tree fall on your home or land. However, those who keep these tips in mind are more likely to come through the ordeal unscathed. If a tree falls on your property, call the experts at Ahlum & Arbor Tree Preservation. We’re here to help!

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