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Reasons to Choose a Career in Nursing

Nursing is a career that helps people and changes the world. Nurses connect with patients personally, and they are alongside patients during challenging and difficult times. There are many reasons that people choose the nursing profession. Keep reading for some of the most popular reasons.

Quality Education Programs.

Nursing candidates can always find RN programs near me. Many universities and colleges offer live, online, and hybrid schooling options. Candidates already possessing a bachelor’s degree can even get their nursing degree in 16 months. Nursing students have many options to get a great education that prepares them for their nursing careers.

Interesting Work

Nursing is an active, interesting job. Nurses rarely sit at a desk. They are typically on their feet helping patients and working with other healthcare providers. There are many options for nurses, including everything from working in a school to assisting in an operating room.

In-Demand Job

Nursing is one of the nation’s most in-demand occupations. The need for nurses will continue to rise as baby boomers age and retire. The necessity for nurses also increases as more Americans have access to health insurance. In addition, advances in health care are keeping people alive longer. With this extended lifespan comes an additional need for nurses. Nurses never have to be without a job. There are always openings for nurses.

Opportunities For Professional Development

Nurses receive training as they are working and opportunities for professional development. Once a nurse earns their bachelor’s degree in nursing, they can work toward other degrees, such as nurse practitioner, educator, or anesthetist.

Many Specialties

Nurses can work in a variety of settings. They can spend their days in corporate clinics, schools, or nursing homes. For exciting assignments, they can be an emergency flight nurse, a cruise ship nurse, or a travel nurse. Those who want a more traditional role can always find work in a hospital, doctor’s office, or clinic. The opportunities are endless. Nurses can also specialize in a specific kind of nursing, such as pediatrics, geriatrics, or psychiatry.

Flexible Work Schedules

Nursing work shifts can vary greatly depending on the job. If a traditional work schedule is the best fit, a clinic or doctor’s office may be a perfect fit. Nurses wanting to work nights, so they can be home with their families during the day, can choose to work at a hospital. Often, nursing shifts are 12 hours or more. This means a nurse doesn’t need to go to work as many days a week. Some nurses work only on weekends, and some work on an as-needed basis.

Competitive Compensation

Job security and nursing shortages keep the compensation for nurses high. Nurses with specialties, such as nurse anesthetists or nurse practitioners, will earn even more.
Everyone respects a nurse. They do difficult work, especially during pandemics and staff shortages. Nurses take care of medical needs but also have the opportunity to make people feel safe, cared for, and heard. It’s a rewarding feeling that can’t be found in every career.

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