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What Is Whiteboarding?

Whiteboarding is basically as the name suggests. It is the use of a whiteboard during an online interaction to assist you in tracking thoughts and ideas. The reason why you need it is to write down crucial considerations, goals, and new ideas. It is also an essential tool that you can use in organizing these thoughts during the session.

We’re currently in a world where technology allows everyone to connect globally. Unlike years before, you don’t need to use a physical whiteboard anymore today as many tools have been developed online to facilitate this exercise.

Interestingly, these online resources provide the experience you would get from a room brainstorming an issue with colleagues.

Tips to Get the Most from your Session

Despite the effectiveness of using online whiteboards for your engagements, it is vital to employ the best techniques to get the best out of the exercise. Indeed, we have compiled incredible tips you can ignore when using this online resource, as they will help you understand the tool much better.

Write with Clarity

Start with a clean whiteboard and write sequentially as new points and ideas emerge. It is also vital to minimize visual clutter by erasing old and irrelevant content.

However, be keen not to erase information your audience has not digested to satisfaction. Your writing should be neat and clear such that your participants are not confused or distracted.

Stay Focused

Your whiteboard must serve as a platform where you write down the most relevant points regarding your meeting. Some of them include the purpose and the agenda of the session.

Let everyone see what you intend to resolve when you start whiteboarding so that tracking the thoughts of all participants is simpler. These points will continually remind the participants about the bigger goals where they must focus their attention.

Organize Ideas

Don’t allow ideas to clutter the whiteboard. Arrange them logically in sections and columns where necessary. At any given time, let your points be displayed in an easy-to-understand manner. The great idea is to break ideas down into categories as they can give participants a helpful visual aid.

Connect all members

Sometimes you can lose some participants from the full participation of the meeting, especially if they attend virtually. When you focus the camera on the whiteboard, you might only capture the back of the presenter and a small whiteboard section. The problem occurs when your camera is placed at awkward angles.

To solve the issue, you need to find and use the best whiteboarding integrated with video conferencing techniques available today, like zoom, to ensure full participation and engagement of all the parties.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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