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What is the Difference Between WSJ Print and Digital Subscription?

A reader has the choice to select between WSJ print and digital subscription coupons and you could be a tag confused. The WSJ similar to other print mediums has launched its promotional offers and the theme is extremely popular in the local print media industry. This is a concept where everyone stands to gain, and as a reader, you can see instant gains because of the lucrative cash discounts. The gains for print mediums come over a while as they include more readers into their fold due to the lucrative discounts. It puts them in a better bargaining position with advertising companies. 

Let us now get back to the core discussions of having to pick from the WSJ print and digital subscription coupons. You need to understand both these alternatives and then make a choice. Let us now understand the key features of both these subscription coupon formats and know about the major differences. This will help you to make your choice. 

What is a WSJ print subscription

Buyers of the WSJ print subscription can book the coupons for the physical copy. In this arrangement, there should not be any major difference other than the price discount. You still get to read the same physical copy and there is one more difference to note. You no longer have to coordinate with your local stand owner for physical delivery of the print medium to your destination. Since, your card will be debited in advance; you can be rest assured of delivery to your desired destination. 

Know about the WSJ digital subscription

The other alternative you get is to book a WSJ digital subscription and it is also popular. On a comparison, you will find that more readers prefer this option. The basic news coverage does not change as you adapt to the digital format of news reading. You still get to read the same news but only in the soft copy format. These days you get multiple accesses to internet technology via desktops & laptops and mobiles.  On completing the subscription formalities, you get a login ID and password to access the website. This should allow you to read the news in the soft copy version. 

Which is the better option

So, you get to know about both the WSJ print subscription and WSJ digital subscription coupon options in detail. You will have to pick an option and it should be according to your convenience.  Are you comfortable handling the computer and internet technology? Tech-savvy readers can always fall back on the digital subscription coupon option for many reasons. It is because you now get access to the news updates from any location. The physical paper will be delivered to any specific address and there could be delivery concerns on bad weather days. In case you are traveling you miss out on the news updates, but that will never happen for the digital edition. If your location has an internet connection, you are free to read the news from the website. Adapting to digital technology is always the better option and you can read the news nicely in the soft copy format.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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