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What are the Skills Required to Become an Animator?

Luckily for those who want to pursue this career, the entertainment industry offers many opportunities for people with these skills. To become an animator you can decide on the field where you want to work but many factors will affect your success. Animation is a global industry. There are millions of professional animators in the world, and almost every country has various training and education facilities to perform this skill.

Animation is a growing industry, especially for those interested in game development. The opportunities for Animation Technicians for games in India are increasing as studios seek to capitalize on 3D computer graphics technology employed by modern games to create high-quality CG animations, cut scenes, and cinematics.

The Skills Required to Become an Animator are the Following:


For becoming an animator the first thing you need is creativity. This is the skill that allows you to think of and imagine things that simply do not exist in the world. You visualize, refine, and create ideas that are not yet born. To become a successful animator you would need to be able to see your work from multiple angles, have a sense for colors, and explore different styles and ways of expression.

Attention for detail

Another skill required for becoming an animator is being attentive towards detail as it relates to both colors and symbolism in your work. This means being able to distinguish between the individual strands of hair on a character’s head or between the brown dots on an otherwise blank sheet of paper if this will be used as background texture in one scene or another.

A sense of communication

In order to communicate ideas with other people, and to tell a story that has meaning to those people, you need the gift of being able to express yourself. If you lack this skill, it’s very hard for you to communicate your ideas or visions effectively as an animator.


This is another skill required for becoming an animator that cannot be learned by reading books or listening to lectures, though it can be developed through practice. In order to succeed as an animator, it is imperative that you become a “team player”. This means that you must be able to work both independently and as part of a bigger group in order to be successful.

Strong thinking and reasoning skills

The main skill required for becoming an animator that nobody can teach you is having strong thinking and reasoning skills. This means that you must be able to solve problems. This is because problems arise when you are working in an environment that’s constantly changing and growing faster than you could ever imagine. In order to succeed as an animator, you must be able to solve these types of problems. You must be able to think outside the box and question everything around us in order to create new things.

A great imagination

To become an animator you need to have a great imagination. This is the skill that allows you to see things that are not there, imagine things that don’t exist, and to be able to use your mind so creatively without having words or images in your brain. This is a mental journey that must be taken alone, relying only on your own thoughts, visions, and inspiration. Only then will you have all the tools and knowledge necessary for finding success as an animator.

Passion for what you do

In order for things to happen in this world and get better around us, we must have a passion. This is what allows you to work hard towards achieving your dreams and goals no matter what they are. If you’re someone who loves this type of work, studies it, and wants to succeed at it, you will succeed at it. It is important to be passionate about your work because this provides the energy that drives you forward.

Practice makes a man perfect

This is the second skill required for becoming an animator that doesn’t come from books or lectures. Instead, it can only be developed through practice. This means being able to do the same motions over and over for long periods of time without getting tired or losing focus on the task at hand. 


Patience is another important skill required for becoming an animator. This is because animation takes a lot of time, and this means that you must be able to work without getting impatient and moving forward with your work too fast. 

How to Start your Career as an Animator?

The best way to start a career as an animator is with the assistance of animation courses. There are several institutes who are providing animation courses in Kolkata. These courses employ a variety of specialized techniques in order to achieve movement, realism, and interaction between objects or characters and their environment (usually referred to as rigging). Animation requires a large number of drawings/images/frames that need to be developed promptly, so productivity is key: there is little time for artistic interpretation within tight budget limits, so sometimes shortcuts must be taken during the animation process (known as tweening). Therefore, courses are really important for getting the skills that are required to become an animator.

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