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Zaki Ameer Journey from Riches to Penniless to Millionaire – Success Psychology

Zaki Ameer was born and raised in an affluent Sri Lankan family. He went to Australia for his Engineering study. He had no concerns about paying university fees or other daily expenses. His parents were supportive and he just had to take steps in fulfilling his future business success dream. 

Unfortunately, when he was in his second-degree year the family business collapsed and his parents were not able to support Zaki financially. It was a life-changing setback, especially when the culture was alien, with no income, no friends, and significant debt associated with foreign university fees. 

Zaki Ameer felt hopeless because he had never experienced the life of poverty but he did not allow this feeling to push him into the dark. Determination took over and he got a job at a bank. During daytime, he worked and at night pursued business & finance courses. Within three years, and at the age of 28, he was worth $3 million. He attained all this with minimal savings. 

Zaki Ameer founded DDP Property in 2011, intending to help people around Australia control their lives via property investment. Last 12 years, he and his skilled staff have been helping Australians invest in more than 2000 properties. Zaki’s vision for DDP is to persist in creating unique strategies and gain recognition as the best wealth creation company for global real estate investment. 

Zaki is tremendously successful because of his enthusiasm and passion for the property market. His unique strategies have helped more than 1800 investors. He is an expert, speaker, coach, and author in real estate investment.

In his book ‘Dream Design Do – DDP Property’, he talks about success psychology. It is about having things one doesn’t have. ‘Why’ people want that specific success is the emotional driver. Set goals high and take action to stay motivated for attaining them. Have faith and keep inner confidence boosted. Never fear failure and let guards down. Never feel concerned about what to do when one succeeds. People who believe in themselves deserve success. 

Create an environment that encourages moving forward. Stay surrounded by ideal people, which is the mantra of success psychology. Allow one to be steered and mentored by successful people. However, Zaki recommends finding an ideal mentor. The right mentor has qualities like accountability, practicing what they preach, sharing knowledge, and always being in a progressive mode. 

DDP property advocates are experts and experienced in helping every kind of client on their property investment journey. Their buyer’s advocate and property advisor experts are situated in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney helping clients attain their property goals. Everyone applies Zaki’s remarkable investment strategies and mindset to direct clients to start their property investment journey. 

Zaki Ameer retired from their day job after fifteen years but has built wealth successfully. He made mistakes but learned a lot from them. He had big dreams, but even though he became penniless did not lose his determination Read more

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Uneeb Khan
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