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10 Reasons for Choosing Graphic Designing as a Career Option

Since graphic design is a high-demand profession, you will have more job opportunities and more choices in your career. There are so many types of jobs that you can do with a certification in graphic design. Some fields include web designers, designers for magazines, newspapers, billboards, and clothing designers. As an employee with this certification, it is easy to advance into higher positions because your skills are so strong. More important than making money from your career choice is how much fun you will have doing what you love. In this article, we will be discussing the reasons students are choosing graphic design as a career option.

Industry Outlook of Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is escalating at a high rate. Many tech firms are now investing in graphic design in order to meet the demand. With the high level of investments, there is also a high demand for skilled graphic designers. There are many ways in which you can get into the field of graphic designing and here are some job outlooks. In 2021, graphic designers were recruited on average by 22% more companies than they had been during 2020.

The work opportunities for these professionals will increase as companies look to hire new employees to provide a number of quality services that satisfy their customers and meet their needs as efficiently as possible.

 As per FICCI reports 2022, the global graphic designing industry will reach 20 billion US dollars of revenue which marks a steady increase from 2016. On average, 35 percent growth is expected year by year. The demand for graphic designers is increasing. It’s quite obvious that over the next decade, there will be a high rate of growth for jobs in this sector.

As per “Personnel Today” the income of a graphic designer can be as much as 42% higher than people who are doing jobs in other professions. The field keeps growing due to the high demand for qualified professionals worldwide since most companies are investing more money into advertisements, videos, and printed materials for branding purposes for increased sales/marketing, etc. The field of graphic design is also quite important because it encompasses over 30 career fields and the most creative jobs.

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Reasons to Choose Graphic Designing are the Following:

High demand

The demand for skilled graphic designers is higher than ever.

Knowledgeable profession

Graphic designers are knowledgeable in web design, graphic and multimedia design, print media, and typography.

Professionals can work on their own

No boss or superiors to answer to if you are a freelance graphic designer. You set your own hours and rules for your business which many freelancers prefer over working for someone else’s agenda

Lifestyle-friendly skillsets

Many graphic designers have the skills to coach others in other fields of study like photography, website development, marketing strategy, etc.

Abundant job opportunities

There are an abundant amount of job opportunities in graphic design. Many graphic designers exist in their own businesses and are freelancers, thus creating a demand for this profession.

Salary packages

A graphic designer is paid based on his skills and how well he can perform the task he was hired for. This payment is high compared to other professions.

Satisfaction level

Graphic designers have high satisfaction level with their career choice. As they enjoy being creative and intellectual, while also being highly practical helping people communicate their message in a visual way.

Job security

Graphic designers have a higher chance of getting hired or promoted as they will always be in demand for their services.

The synergy between skillsets and career opportunities

Many graphic designers know other skill sets that can be used on the job and through their businesses. This creates more job opportunities for them as they can specialize in areas like marketing and website development which helps a graphic designer get his business started and grow.

The work environment is free to thrive within oneself

Graphic designers are not chained to a desk, but rather thrive in the work environment by being creative and open-minded. They are able to work together with their clients or conceive new ideas to better what they do every day.


The field of graphic design is booming. As it’s a very versatile field that allows designers to combine different fields like art, mobile art, and digital art. With the boom in demand for people with graphic design skills, the demand for this industry is increasing as well. In order to meet the growing demands and encourage more people to join this industry, there are certification courses in graphic design available. Along with that in this field reputed institutes are also providing graphic designing courses in Kolkata. One can also train oneself using these courses. Training and certifications from these institutes will guarantee you success.

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