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Wedding tent rental: find the one that suits you best

Have you thought about celebrating your wedding outdoors? Installing a vertical structure that protects you from the sun and allows you to have plan B if the weather is not good is essential. These are the different types of assemblies and wedding tent rental that you can find.

Types of wedding tents

1. Tents for weddings

Both to protect yourself from the sun at weddings that take place in the middle of the day, or to define a space sheltered from the wind or rain, having jaimas and tents is a versatile option that brings a degree of sophistication and privacy to your big day.

2. Tent structures without canvas

These types of wedding tents have a purely decorative purpose, and are specially designed for outdoor summer weddings. The added benefit is that, once installed, it is easy to cover them with a tarpaulin if the weather forecast is bad. They are the official outdoor wedding tents.

3. Tents with transparent canvas

The visual effect is similar to that of the previous ones, but they have the advantage of incorporating the canvas, which protects the space from both rain and wind and even from low night temperatures, in case the banquet is dinner. Transparent wedding tents have become a very attractive choice for the couple who want to contemplate the sky during the banquet.

4. White canvas tents

As they do not have legs and create a very spacious and open space, they are ideal for weddings with more than 300 guests.

5. Thin the whites

They have become a boom in the bridal world and it is because their aesthetics integrate perfectly with that of most weddings. Of course, its dimensions are much smaller than those of the wedding tents

6. Structures with fabrics as awnings

Elegance should not be at odds with functionality. Therefore, when you want to find a space sheltered from the sun, always looking for elegant tents for weddings, opting for structures with fabrics as awnings is a visual, sophisticated and elegant option, as well as being a versatile option with multiple options.

7. Wooden structures

Combined with wrought iron pieces, they go very well for garden celebrations. In addition, lined with fabric they give a very pleasant shade. Like the rest, this type of structure admits different types of decoration. They are also ideal for creating natural and country environments.

8. Aluminum structures

Telthusetdanmark covers this type of structure with fabrics, making everything very clean and serene. They use them in spaces where they cannot be anchored to the ground.

9. Rent tents for weddings

It is the option most chosen by the couple since buying wedding tents can be an outlay that, perhaps, will not turn out to be very profitable later. Do you want to know which are the companies that are dedicated to renting tents in Zealand, Funen and Jutland and what are their prices? Don’t worry visit the website for reasonable prices: https://telthusetdanmark.dk/

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