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Variations In Vape Gadgets which are most important

How Do You Change Flavours In A Vape Tank Without Changing The Tank?

If you want to explore various eliquid flavours while using the same vaping device, you are at the right place. This blog will give you a detailed explanation of how to change eliquid flavours without replacing the tank.

Importance Of Vape Tank:

In vaping devices, tanks are one of the most prominent components because they hold the vape liquid, evaporating and producing vape clouds. It is designed in a cylindrical shape which contains the coil to vaporise the vape liquid. However, in many devices, tanks sit on top of the battery and are attached to the coil. Smok vape tank and geek vape tank, are the best for vape tanks. These are well-built and amazing design tanks, and also good for not getting leaks.

Variations In Vape Gadgets:

Although many vaping devices are available in modern times, almost every variant is composed of different vape tank types. Depending on the customisations, e-cigarettes are of two types, open vape system and closed vape system. The following is the detail of each:

Open Vape System:

In an open vape environment, a vape tank is equipped to fill the atomiser with preferred e-juice manually. Therefore, if you want to change e-liquid flavours without buying a new e-cigarette, it is recommended to purchase vapes with an open system, such as the Aspire Breeze 2 Refillable Pod

Closed Vape System:

Vaping devices with closed settings do not allow vapers to refill the tank with the required vape liquid. These are integrated with prefilled eliquid tanks, like the Smok Nord 4 80W Pod Kit, so that to change flavours, you might purchase a new device.  

Changing Flavours In Vape Tank:

While using open vaping devices, you can refill the tank with the vape liquid of your choice. Therefore, you can change eliquid flavours while refilling the tank. For this concern, you first need to unscrew the device, fill the tank with preferable e-juice and enjoy a convenient vaping session. However, there are some effects of frequently refilling of e-juice tank with some recommendations; this information is discussed below:

Effects Of Reusing Tank Frequently:

Although you can refill the tank, there is a certain restriction on the efficacy of vape components. Therefore, the following is a brief explanation of the effects of reusing tanks frequently:

  • Unpleasant Flavours: When you often refill the tank with multiple e-juice flavours, there might be an unpleasant flavour taste. If this situation happens, it is due to the residuals of prior flavours.   
  • Decreased Vape Clouds Production: Reusing a vape tank can affect the efficacy of the atomiser, which might reduce the production of vape clouds. The reason beyond this aspect is that the coil is placed within the tank that heats the e-liquid and produces intense vape clouds; therefore, a frequent refilling of the tank affects the malfunctioning of the whole device.

Expert Suggestions: 

The above-mentioned are effects of repeatedly reusing the eliquid tank; therefore, below are some suggestions to prevent from consequences of frequent refilling of the tank:

  • Cleansing Of Device: To prevent the intense undesired flavour, it is recommended to clean the vape tank correctly and repeatedly so that there might not be the combining of different vape liquid flavour ingrediredients  
  • Avoid Frequent Refilling: It is suggested to avoid frequent refilling of the e-juice to prevent the effects of consistent device reuse.

Wind-Up Statement:

To sum up the discussion, it is observed that if you want to explore different eliquid flavours while using the same vaping device, it is recommended to use refillable tanks to refill the tank with your required flavours.

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