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Designed for Success: 4 Elements of A Corporate Identity

Most companies do not feel or look what they are. It is because of the gap between how you are perceived and your corporate identity. It ultimately weakens the corporate identity and forces your target audience to show distrust in you. However, it is important to work on the four core elements of a corporate identity for better guidance in styling the brand.

You want success, and it won’t come easy. Certain elements need to be properly addressed when making your brand’s corporate identity.

Four Primary Elements of Corporate Identity

The following are the main elements of any corporate identity, and you need to be able to consider them from the start to the end.

Logo Design

It is a core graphic element of any corporate identity. A logo must be able to visually represent your brand. It helps you stand out your brand visually for your audience. Therefore, it should identify your brand quickly. For instance, think about the brand Apple; the bitten apple branding is the most popular. Google has a colorful wordmark, and the same goes for the blue bird of Twitter. All these logos instantly align one visual element with the company’s ethos. Therefore, a strong and vibrant logo design can take a brand from just a business to an icon, just like the examples we have mentioned earlier.

Typeface & Fonts

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but you need better typography as a core element of corporate identity. It tells you that the text’s shape, style, spacing, and weight are important. That is true for website content, email templates, business cards, and more. Your text can be friendly, warm, luxurious, and elegant and has authority before you read the first word.

Different text styles have been invented for different purposes. However, they all aimed to be clear about their messages, bold and legible across the signage. Text styles have gained popularity as different brands adapted them. Some text even represents culture.

Although the typography style is one of the far-reaching elements of any corporate identity, it impacts presentations, emails, signatures, contracts, stationery, brochures, office signage, and more. However, choosing the appropriate style for your brand is necessary for this particular reason. You can pick one from the perspective that suggests modernity or stability. Whatever you choose, it should reflect everything about your brand. You should take help from companies providing services for corporate identity design in Dubai. Always remember that your type choice should be clear, legible, and work across multiple print and digital platforms.


The next thing that comes on top after typography is the use of images. It is a powerful element of any brand. They clearly represent the brand through illustration and photography’s attractive and consistent feel. So, with a clear corporate identity, you can empower web developers, designers, editors, and photographers to focus on creative designs. However, the objective should be to provide high-quality work aligned with the brand strategy. Moreover, it minimizes the need for lost hours and revisions.

Therefore, we see all small and big organizations focusing on graphics design to show their services to the potential audience. Using photography can help you stand out among your competitors. It is even considered one of the most successful campaigns.

Brand Style Guides

After working and successfully creating all the core elements of your corporate identity, you then need to create a detailed guideline for your audience. It will help in ensuring the successful application of all elements. It is also called the corporate identity manual. These guidelines aim to ensure a consistent and proper implementation of your corporate brand identity by each individual.

However, the guidelines must clearly outline exactly when and how all visual assets, such as logo designs, brand colors, templates, typography, web designs, etc., are used. So, you will have to consider all placements. For instance, you have to consider each element: social media cover photos, third-party email banners, business cards, email signatures, and letterheads. Most companies that offer brand identity design include visual examples of ‘Dos and Don’ts’ to prevent any misinterpretation of the brand style manual.

It will be wishful thinking if you expect your busy employees to receive the style guidelines and understand and apply brand guidelines. However, it has become easy with the available tools, which aid corporate identity implementations by rolling out consistent updates across templates, documents, and other visual assets.

Get Yourself the Best Corporate Identity Design!

Having the perfect brand identity design is important not only for brands but also for the target audience. You need to attract people to improve your ROI. So, always invest in corporate identity design, but trust only professionals. Get a consultation with design experts!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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