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Upgrade For Position 0 on Google

Position zero is the result highlighted on the SERP and placed between  the natural results  and the  sponsored links . Located by a box, it responds clearly and precisely to the user’s request and is considered by Google as a premium result.
What is voice search SEO and google voice search are related. During a voice search the Google Assistant will read this extract aloud, hence the importance of reaching this position.

How to reach this position 0? There is no miracle recipe here: you have to offer THE best content. By “best”, we mean content:

more relevant than your competitors;

considered useful for Internet users and Google.

To identify the needs of your audience, the topics to be discussed, etc. a solution like Semji can be very useful to you! Depending on the targeted keyword, our platform gives you all the editorial recommendations to follow to obtain such a position. Request your personalized demo now! 

Mobile Fast And Friendly

Mobile search  accounts for more than half of all searches and many of these searches are performed. Using a virtual assistant.

What do you do when you try to load a website on your phone and it takes more than a few seconds?. Close the window or return to search results to load another page… This impacts your search results as your bounce rate increases (user engagement factor). A high bounce rate and low time spent on a webpage tells Google that your webpage is not giving. A  relevant answer to the user’s query .

In addition, your site will not appear in searches made via voice search. If your site is neither mobile responsive nor fast.
Google has already started rolling out mobile-first indexing and says it only impacts mobile sites. Even so, sites that aren’t mobile-first still received a notification from  Google Search Console . And don’t forget that when it comes to Mobile First, page speed is becoming more and more important.

Not sure if your website is mobile optimized? Try the  Google mobile Friendly test  to see if it is deemed acceptable by the search engine.

Social networks

Content with a  high level of social engagement tends to perform well in voice searches. This is a simple correlation. Indeed, Google does not use social shares as ranking criteria. However, content widely shared on social networks necessarily has a higher percentage of clicks. Which significantly increases its notoriety with Google.

How to prepare your SEO strategy for voice searches?

Despite the lack of information on voice searches and what they involve, we can already put  SEO strategies in place .

Know your audience

As part of your voice search  keyword research strategy  , your business needs to know. How someone searches for your product or service if they use voice search.

Remember that voice searches are more conversational and tend to focus on questions rather than two- or three-word queries.

As part of your research, create a list of voice searches that you think people are using. Brainstorm with your team. Read social media, look at forums. Make sure you put yourself in your prospects’ shoes so you have a relevant search list.

Have a life on its results

It is interesting to do voice searches yourself about your brand, products or services to see. If they appear and how they are displayed.
Most businesses don’t take the time to search for their products or services on a device using voice search. But, thanks to the previous step. You have a list of  relevant keywords  for you to see what your prospects are seeing.
Once you perform this real-time voice query search, if you find that your website is not showing up. Then your web pages and their contents need to be optimized.

Identify competitors

As part of  your SEO strategy , you need to know who is already on your voice search queries. If it’s not you in first place, identify your competitors, ie those who rank above you on the SERP.

On each key word or phrase, perform a page-by-page analysis of the top 10 rankings. Identifying content for first-page results can help you build a semantic cocoon for your own content to outperform your competitors.

In conclusion, if you’re not taking voice search seriously yet, you better start considering it. The phenomenon will grow even faster than the arrival of mobiles on the market. Not including  voice SEO in your natural referencing  as well as in your marketing plan could prove. Detrimental in the months and years to come since you will probably lose a lot of traffic in the long term.

Google, Amazon, and Apple are the major players in voice search at the time of writing. And Google and Amazon are the clear leaders. If you’ve ever used the services of one of these voice search giants. Then their potential should be obvious to you.
Also, you can be sure that social platforms like Facebook or Twitter will add  voice search features  in the future.

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Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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