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Unable To Manage Spa Staff? Try SpaSoftware

As a spa owner, taking responsibility of your spa business is not easy. With the right growth of the spa, paying attention to staff is also important. How you manage your staff speaks a lot about your business. 

Your spa staff is the soul of your beauty business and their talents are what bring success to your spa business greatly. Though there may be the availability of appealing ambiance and facilities, what about facing challenges in managing the staff? Truly, the dedication and loyalty of your employees are what helps your spa business keep booming. 

So, spa owners should make efforts to boost their productivity, and personal goals as well as manage them efficiently. The best step towards the right staff management is using spa booking software. The system eases every work of you and your team in an effective manner. Let’s learn through this blog how!

Ways To Manage Your Staff Using A spa Software

Reward Staff

Well, rewarding your spa staff is the best way to increase their productivity, which is very vital for a great success in business. Employees would like to make as much effort as they can to fulfill your expectations when they know the prize is a good incentive. This is an excellent way to boost their confidence and encourage them to do hard work. 

Generally, certain staff members stand up to their potential and go beyond to meet the needs of every customer. Those who show such dedication or commitment to their work must be rewarded for that. 

The rewards can be in any form- as a salary increment, or verbal appreciation. Just admire them for their jobs like their haircut and coloring style. It will let them feel proud of themselves, thus boosting their confidence. 

Moreover, for your spa business, incorporating a commission model can work wonders. Create a commission profile of each employee in spa software to ease the reward program. Through the profiles, you can check the number of bookings each member is scheduled for and how many sales they accomplished in a month. 

When the respective employees reach certain goals, you can reward them with a good percentage of commission more than their actual salary. Doing this will undoubtedly encourage them to aim harder.

Assess Monthly Performance 

Assessing your spa staff’s performance is very essential for the right growth of your business. And, note that it must be conducted regularly. 

As a spa owner, it is your responsibility to sit with your staff and have a close look at their work performance. Do check the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. But, it can take a long time to do. Here, customer reviews are the absolute key!

Wondering how to get the client’s reviews? Well, spa CRM software helps you by providing a detailed overview of what your loyal customers think about the potential of your team. How much they appreciate and what quality they like about the entire spa staff.

Going through the reviews if you find more than one customer has an issue with a respective employee, convey the same to them. Additionally, discuss the solution with them to make the improvement. 

Besides verbally discussing the solution, you can also opt for written standards. This will superiorly support your spa culture. Decide on the particular set of rules and declare to stick to them. Put all the spa managing standards in writing and ask every employee to read, approve of it, and sign it. 

Doing so will prevent misunderstandings in the future. It will ease the smooth running of your spa without struggling with any issues. Publishing a copy of spa standards in your spa software can effectively be helpful. It can benefit your new employees by going through it and encouraging them to give their best possible. 

Look Over Absenteeism

The spa software allows you to handle sick and absent notifications. It records the time, date, and explanation for the absence. 

spa software automatically generates the absence information in the payroll reports. By checking the payrolling, you can deduct the salary on that basis. In addition, spa staff can check their attendance history on their personal dashboard and get aware of the number of leaves they have taken. Moreover, the software also shows the absence of employees continuously on a specific day. For instance, the number of Saturdays leaves a member has called in. 

Absenteeism can lower the productivity of the employees. It’s simple, the less the members will work, the lower they will get unproductive, impacting the growth of the business. As a spa owner, you need to take only the root cause into consideration like sickness, accommodation, child care, etc. 

So, checking absenteeism is very necessary for good spa staff management as offering the bestest services to the customers matters the most. 

Ease Appointment Scheduling 

For scheduling the appointment, employees have to manually note down the number of customers visiting the spa in a day. This way of managing the bookings can lead to huge errors. There are more chances of either two or more clients getting booked at the same time or no other one at that time slot. 

Customers arriving at the spa at one time can cause embarrassment as there will be no free employee available to assist them. Waiting for long hours can give a bad impression to them about your services. As a consequence, they will take no risk to visit you back. Not only will it affect the productivity of the staff but also your spa business revenue. 

Here, the spa Scheduling System comes as a rescue. Introducing your spa staff with effective software provides an easy appointment scheduling method. It will help record all the booking dates in proper order. Employees will get the notification of new appointments immediately, thus avoiding no-show issues. 


With proper management, impact-full business approaches, and innovative spa software, you can improve the productivity of your spa staff efficiently. When employees provide the best services to the customers, the growth of the business certainly boosts up. Remember that, the potential team is key to great success!

We hope you have understood how the right spa software significantly plays a role in managing spa staff appropriately. Implementing all the tips mentioned above will definitely make a huge impact on your spa staff performance. 

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