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Top 10 features must have in social distancing software

Queue management software, often known as a queue management system, enables businesses to allow their clients to join the virtual queue rather than standing in a long physical queue. Once any client joins in a queue then he/she is allowed with a token number. Using the token number, they can check out the estimated waiting time in real time.

If we look at the social distancing software, there are several of them available and helping a lot of enterprises in different sectors to manage their queue like a breeze.

However, efficient customer flow, less overcrowding, and fewer line headaches can only be achieved with the right queuing features and equipment. In addition, the use of the automation software results in happier customers.

Now, let’s discuss the most impressive components that any effective queue management system absolutely must have.

Features Must Have in Social Distancing Software

Mobile Queuing

Lines are a common source of frustration for customers, and eliminating them is one solution. As a result of the queue management system, customers can relax knowing that whatever wait they may have to endure will be pleasant. Customers could hold a place in line using their mobile devices with this technique. As a direct result, no customer will have to wait in a physical queue for an excessive amount of time.

Additionally, the mobile lines can be checked in at any time using the onsite kiosks. Customers can easily choose their preferred service from a variety of options and submit their details.

Monitoring Data in Near-Real-Time

One of the most important aspects of managing a group of customers is anticipating when most customers will show up.

An integrated real-time monitoring element in a queueing system is an essential feature that will facilitates the tracking of both clients and staff. You can keep tabs on regular business operations from anywhere, using any device. As a result, you can think of a solid strategy to increase the customer experience.

Customers will also appreciate the timesaving benefits of having access to data in real time. This will allow them to monitor their place in the virtual queue and receive accurate time estimates for their wait.

It also facilitates long-term communication and memory retention between guests and staff.

Detailed Reporting

The quality of their customer service is often overlooked by many companies. Data that can actually be done with anything is crucial. A reliable waiting line management system helps to gather the data and based on it provide a collective report. As a result of using this programme, you will be able to see how well your staff is doing in terms of customer satisfaction.

You may also learn which employees are having the most trouble and should use additional training to boost their productivity and customer service skills.

In addition, the report will include purchases made by customers and reveal which kind of customers are the most popular.

Is there a certain time when they left without making a purchase? Not only that, but specifics of all transactions and communications will be recorded there as well.

Digital Signage

Previously, queue management technology only supported numeric displays on LED signs. An automated social distancing software will help to eliminate the frustration among clients which is due to the lack of transparency regarding their wait times. Such a system would help to ease the work of a business to inform their customers timely about their waiting. It will also help to increase the customer satisfaction rate which matters a lot.

App and Text Notification

A waiting line management system handles all business activities from the booking part to payment. Notification is also an important aspect that such a system should have. 

You can do more than just talk on the phone with an SMS text. You can promote two-way communication through the use of text message reminders and appointment reminders.

It is easier to communicate to the client about their appointment confirmation through app notification or text.  Overall, the social distancing software enables users to receive alerts via email or text message. Anything that helps them plan ahead, such a confirmation of an upcoming appointment, is fair game. In addition, it can facilitate the dissemination of data like services offered, payment methods, etc.

Centralized Administration

The ability to perform tasks from any location is a major advantage of queuing software that features a centralized dashboard. This allows customers to easily interact with the company whenever they want, wherever they are.

The management dashboard makes it simple to get in touch with clients. In addition, the transaction log can be mined for information about earlier dealings or to re-establish contact with former customers by means of their registered phone numbers. Using the information logged in the dashboard, you can reassign customers to another agent or place them in a separate queue.

Connectivity to third-party Services using Application Programming Interfaces

One way that information can be shared in real time between different platforms is through the use of third-party integrations. The social distancing software can receive client data through a queuing system, for instance. Google Sheets integration is a great example of a third-party app that works well with the software.

Analyse Expected Wait Time

The satisfaction of your clientele might be affected by how accurately you estimate their wait periods. Are you curious as to how this is accomplished? Customers may see how long they need to wait in a queue due to the queue management software. Customers can patiently wait until their turn arrives.

When clients are aware of how long the wait will be and given ample time to prepare, waiting is less of an inconvenience. Virtual queuing software has come a long way, and now it can do everything from predict wait times to plan staffing needs.

Methods for Gathering Consumer Opinions

The LED screens at checkout counters can be used to solicit feedback from customers in real time. Through the software it is easier to collect the feedback from the clients. In addition, one can share feedback with the rest of their team. Moreover, the feedback can be in the form of text messages or app ratings, and more.

Self -Check in Facility

These days, most queuing systems have built-in facial recognition technology. Doing so helps to prove the client’s legitimacy. Because of this, you can rest assured that the signup procedure will be both secure and quick.

A queue check-in system allows customers faster building access and streamlines employee registration. Moreover, the self-service kiosks have increased the efficiency of the business and decreased the waiting time of the clients.

Wrap Up

Do you believe it’s wise to put money into a system to control lines? Who wouldn’t want to take their business to the next level with helpful tools like a social distancing software with real-time data, and in-depth reporting?

Therefore, you should search for a software that has all these features and guarantees easy queue management. Therefore, increasing long-term sales, profits, and happy customers.

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