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Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Reliable Detroit Home Inspector


Investing in a property in Detroit represents one of the largest financial decisions you’ll likely make in life. To gain peace of mind and protect your investment, having a professional home inspection performed before purchase is strongly advised. However, not all Detroit home inspectors offer the same expertise and quality of service. This ultimate guide shares insider tips for choosing a truly reliable, thorough home inspector in the Detroit metro area:

Verify Licensing

In Michigan, home inspectors are required to hold a license issued by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Confirm any inspector you’re considering has an active license in good standing, with no record of disciplinary actions taken. Unlicensed inspectors lack legitimacy.

Look for Certifications 

While state licensing sets a baseline, well-qualified inspectors go further by obtaining certifications through organizations like InterNACHI and ASHI. Earning these certifications requires passing rigorous exams and pursuing ongoing education. This indicates higher standards and qualifications.

Ask for Referrals

Speaking with recent home buyers, real estate agents and other specialists in Detroit is a great way to get inspector recommendations from firsthand experience. Those who have worked directly with home inspectors on local property transactions can refer the top professionals they trust.

Interview Multiple Candidates 

Don’t go with the first inspector you find online or who is recommended. Take time to thoroughly interview at least three inspectors in-person and compare qualifications, pricing, and services. Getting different bids provides perspective to make an informed hiring decision.

Check for Experience 

Ask candidates specifically how many years they’ve performed home inspections in Detroit and surrounding areas. Local experience matters since long-time inspectors will be most familiar with regional construction methods, codes, and common property issues to flag.

Request Client References

The best home inspectors will gladly provide references from past clients. Follow up with provided references to gain candid insights about their inspection experience. Did the inspector miss any issues? Were they responsive to questions? Would they use them again in the future? Client feedback is invaluable.

Review Sample Reports

Quality inspectors will have sample completed inspection reports they can furnish so you can evaluate their inspection thoroughness and clarity conveying findings. Look for reports containing ample detail, photographs, minimal jargon, clear recommendations, and summaries.

Compare Service Offerings

Compare the inspection scope and additional services each candidate provides. Some inspectors offer services like sewer line scoping, radon testing, and pool inspections for an added fee. Look for comprehensive coverage without overpaying.

Verify Proper Insurance 

Don’t take it for granted that an inspector carries insurance. Ask to see proof of both general liability and errors and omissions coverage at a minimum. Insufficient insurance can put you at major risk in the unlikely event of a claim.

Understand Their Process

The inspector should explain their full home inspection process and standards so you know what to expect. Typical inspections last 2-3 hours and cover hundreds of items from structure to systems to appliances. Ensure the process aligns with industry practices.

Investing time upfront to carefully choose the right home inspector gives Detroit home buyers invaluable peace of mind and protection during a major real estate transaction. Use these tips to pick an inspector who meets the highest standards for safeguarding your next property purchase. Read more

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