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(Ultimate Guide) How to measure bike size for kids?

Riding a bike for kids is a better and easier way to grow their bodies as well as their minds. So, we should not hesitate in selecting the right bike for our kids. But the biggest question comes from how to measure bike size for kids.

There are many sizes of bikes for kids that fit them, but it is not easy to find such bikes, for these, you will need the right information about the bike. That’s why in this guide we have written this blog post on how to size a bike for a kid keeping in mind all the aspects of bikes.

Why is kids’ bike sizing important?

The size of the bike is the most important aspect that we should keep in mind while choosing a bike for our child. If the bike is too big or too small, it can ruin your child’s biking experience and cause an accident.

That’s why we recommend that you take your child with you to the store so they can test-drive the bike and make sure it’s the right size for them.

4 Steps To Measure Bike Size For Kids

Here we are mentioning 4 steps to measure the right size of your kid’s bike. If you follow all these steps, you will not only be able to choose the right size bike for your kids, but that bike will prove to be comfortable for your kids as well.

#1.  Measure the Child’s Inseam

When measuring your child’s inseam, ask them to stand against a wall, with their feet flat on the ground and close together. You should note that the feet should be flat-bottomed while riding a bike as they will wear the shoes. As a result, you will have an accurate inseam including the height of the child.

In the next step, use a tape measure to measure from the ground to the waist area left of you. Take special note of this location as this is where the bike’s saddle will sit, so it’s important to get this measurement accurate.

#2. Know What Wheel Size

It is very important to understand what type of bike your child needs. The best way to find out the bike your child likes is to determine what size wheel they need.

You have to understand that depending on whether your child is tiny or tall, there may be a need for a smaller or bigger bike. We would like to tell you that small pedal bikes start with 12-inch wheels while bigger bikes are made with 24-inch wheels.

When it comes to balance bikes, it starts with smaller 10-inch wheels though most balance bikes use 12 or 14-inch wheels.

Kids Bike Sizes Chart

#3. Choose the Perfect Seat Height Bike

To choose the right size bike, you need to consider which size bike will be best for your child. You can choose the bike keeping in mind their riding ability.

One foot is based on the child’s height of the bike but also note that if your child is a beginner, it will not fit all types of bikes.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your child can stand comfortably on the bike with their feet on the ground and make them feel more secure while riding.

#4. Current Fit Bike

Before selecting the best bike for your child, you should understand their desired seat height. This is a check before you start buying the bike.

If the seat height of the bike you buy is at least, then for some reasons it will prove to be better for your child, and for some reasons a bike with a higher seat will be right for your children, it depends on the height of your child.

If you go for the current fit bike, then the kids will feel comfortable riding. This bike will be fit and comfortable for the next some years and you will not need to buy another bike soon. Your child is able to ride this bike for a long period of time.

FAQs on How To Size A Bike For A Kid

What age kid is a 20-inch bike for?

Children 6-7 years old can easily use a 20-inch bike but if your child is taller then, you can go for 22 or 24 inches.

What age child rides a 24-inch bike?

24-inch bikes are generally considered better for kids and toddlers in the age group of 8-9-10 years as kids of this age tend to be a little bigger. And they fit much better on bikes of this size. But you must read the bike sizing guide while selecting the bike for your kids which we have just mentioned then you will be successful in selecting the right size kids bike.

Can a 5-year-old ride a 20-inch bike?

A 20-inch bike might be a bit big for a 5-year-old because your child is 5 years old now, a 14 or 16-inch bike would be better for them. A 20-inch bike is considered better for 6-7-year-olds. This can be one of the reasons why your kid is big in size so while selecting the bike you will be sure of the size of your kid and then you will be able to go for the right size bike.

Do bike sizes correlate to kids’ ages?

It cannot be answered precisely whether the size of the bike is related to the age of the children. Because instead of taking a bike based on the age of the children, it is better to know the size the height of the children and go towards the right bike.

And we know that the height of children can be different because often the growth speed of the child is also different. Therefore, it is better to know the size of the children and provide the bike to the children.

Does my child need bike stabilizers?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether or not your child needs bike stabilizers. They can be a great way to introduce young children to cycling, as they prevent bikes from falling over and reduce the risk of injury. However, once a child has become accustomed to stabilizers, they may struggle when you remove them.

Conclusion: How To Measure Bike Size For Kid?

Choosing the right bike and the right size bike for kids is a bit tricky. Do we hope we have covered this post on how to measure bike size for kids? Here’s a guide that will guide you on how to choose the right bike for your kids.

Apart from following all these steps, it can be considered much better if you visit the local store and let the kid’s test drive the bike. We hope that this post shared by us will prove to be very helpful for you in selecting the right size bike for your child.

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