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Turkey visa  Form Sri Lanka

Travel to Turkey has never been simpler now that immigration announced a new method to secure travel documents – nationals who qualify no longer need to visit an embassy while filling out their application can take as little as several minutes with only an email address valid at registration required, along with the regular passport. Sri Lankan tourists can now easily apply for an eVisa as processing through embassies is much slower.

E-Visa Policy And Protocols for Sri Lankan Citizens

Turkey welcomed over 10000 citizens from Sri Lanka last year and the rising number of foreign tourists visiting Turkey every year makes this likely to surpass this amount in future years.

Passport holders from Sri Lankan Administration can now obtain an electronic visa valid for 180 days on the Turkish commercial website and stay up to 30 days within that duration.

Current policies regarding e-Visas apply to Sri Lankan nationals who need travel authorization when arriving in Turkey:

Immigration advises travelers to apply for their e-Visa at least seven days in advance of their anticipated travel date to avoid delays.

Visits should only be undertaken for tourism or business reasons, with visa requests made directly to the nearest Turkish Embassy for student, employment, and research permits or similar purposes.

Passports must have at least one stamp remaining and be valid for at least six months.

Personal information provided on forms should match up with that in a passport and supporting documents; any discrepancies could lead to inappropriate applications being processed.

Visa applicants must submit the payment immediately upon submission of their application and understand that this fee is non-refundable regardless of its outcome.

Travelers traveling through Turkey for only transit purposes may stay up to 72 hours and are required to obtain an E-Visa from Turkey.

Conditions have been set out for citizens of Sri Lanka so that they may apply for an e-Visa.

Your travel needs include having a roundtrip ticket, hotel reservation, and at least 50$ daily expenditure while in Mexico.

Your application requires supporting documents (valid visa or residence permit issued from any of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK, or Ireland); E-visas cannot be accepted as valid documentation to support your application.

I am on the road for either tourism or business purposes.

Turkey visa from Yemen

Turkey has taken an important step by adopting an eVisa system. Yemenis who qualify can get this eVisa from Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Do Yemenis require a visa to travel to Turkey?

Yemeni nationals do require a Visa, but the good news is that this process can be completed electronically – simply apply for an electronic visa before traveling to Turkey.

What documents am I required to submit for a Turkey Visa if I am Yemeni?

All you need to do is provide everything needed. The effort required will be minimal. Basic things that must be included:

Passport: Applying for a passport should be straightforward; therefore you’ll likely get one within minutes. Just make sure to note when it expires to avoid any surprises later on!

Email address: Your electronic visa will be linked with your passport via electronic means; however, to present at immigration controls you’ll require a paper copy; therefore we will send this via email.

Payment Options: Electronic visa purchases can be purchased using either a credit or debit card, as well as through your PayPal account.

Take around 10 minutes or less to complete the application for an eVisa – we will handle any tedious steps involved and notify you as soon as it has been issued!

How should I proceed once the procedure has been completed?

Once the process has been completed, your visa will arrive via email – no other actions are necessary, and there’s no need to visit an Embassy directly.

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Junaid Awan
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