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Do residents of Kuwait require an entry visa when traveling to Turkey?

Yes, that is indeed the case. Kuwait is eligible to apply for an e-visa to Turkey quickly online and easily.

How can Kuwaitis obtain a Turkey visa?

Kuwaitis can obtain Turkey e-Visas online to travel within two months for short-duration trips. Travelers must meet certain criteria.

How can I apply for a Turkey Visa from Kuwait?

The application process comprises two straightforward steps.

Step 1: Submit Your Application To submit an EVISA application, visit www.evisa.gov.tr and input all your basic personal and contact details (for instance) such as for instance :

Full name, date of birth, residential address, email address and telephone number (when possible). Passport number with issue date and expiry date

Before submitting your application, double-check all answers for errors as mistakes cannot be changed once submitted; any mistakes could result in rejection of your application.

Step 2. Download Your Visa

Once your application process has been successfully completed, an e-Visa download link will be made available to you via e-mail within 1 to 7 business days; however, it is advised to apply at least three days in advance of travel to Turkey.

Passport control agents at points of entry will be able to check your eVisa within their system; however, you are advised to carry your softcopy eVisa (on smartphones, tablets, or other devices) for safety in case there is any malfunction within their system.

Turkey Visa Fees from Kuwait

Kuwaiti nationals do not need to pay processing fees when applying for Turkish visas.


If you are a Palestinian citizen and planning on traveling to Turkey, this article is designed for you. Turkey visa services GIS will provide up-to-date information regarding visa requirements and availability for Palestinian nationals.

1. Compare Turkey Visa Requirements to Palestinian Nationality

Turkish electronic visas for Palestinians are promoted as the fastest and simplest method of gaining an entry visa.

Palestinian applicants only require approximately an hour to fill out the online application for their Turkish e-Visa via either their mobile phone or computer, and will then receive it by email.

What Is Turkey E-Visa?

With basic technology at their fingertips, Palestinian citizens can get an electronic visa for Turkey within minutes – much faster than paper applications and costing significantly less than doing so through traditional channels such as Embassy services or embassies. Applications may be submitted using either the official Turkey visa application system or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs system for electronic visa applications.

Types of Turkey visas for Palestinian nationals

Turkey provides electronic visas that permit tourists to partake in tourist activities: leisure, athletic events, and cultural experiences.

Tourist visas to Turkey allow Palestinians to stay for at least 30 days and visit Turkey just once.

Travelers visiting Turkey for leisure or business require the appropriate visa. Foreign visitors visiting for other purposes require another kind of permit.

How Can Palestinian Citizens Apply for a Turkey Visa

Turkey visa e-Visas for Palestinians is an easy and cost-effective solution for business and leisure travelers, offering them convenient travel to Turkey via an e-Visa application process that makes travel simple.

Step-by-step guidance in applying for the Turkey Visa

Palestinians can quickly and efficiently apply for an electronic visa to Turkey by following these steps.

1. Complete the Turkey Online application form.

Step 2: Gather confirmation and all required documentation. It is vitally important that before making your online payment, double-check that all information provided by you is accurate as incorrect information could lead to your application getting delayed or rejected altogether. When purchasing our visa services select a payment method before filling out our secure payment form.

Step 3: Collect Your E-Visa

Step 4: Once in Turkey, make sure to get your visa stamped into your passport.

After you submit your Turkey visa application and pay the fee, simply wait and watch as your e-Visa in Turkey is issued and issued electronically.

Once your visa has been accepted, an email containing a copy of it will be sent directly to your inbox. Be sure to bring this along when traveling to Turkey!

Tips for Tracking Turkey Visa Status in Palestine Citizens can now submit and track their visa applications online by using the Check Status option.

Documents required to secure Turkey visas for Palestinian residents

Palestinian citizens wishing to enter Turkey must provide certain documents when applying for an entry visa, including:

Scan of passport with at least two blank pages and 180 days validity starting from the entry into Turkey.

Email addresses that can receive emails must also be valid in order to receive their Turkey Visa acceptance notice and other vital updates.

Valid supporting documents (valid visa or residence permit from any of the Schengen Countries, USA, UK, or Ireland; E-visas cannot be accepted as proof).

Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air, and Atlasglobal Airlines offer round-trip tickets.

Make sure that you have secured a return ticket or hotel reservation for at least 50 USD per day, to minimize risk.

Payment Methods: In order to pay for visa fees, you will require either a valid charge card or a debit card.

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