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Turkey VISA from Taiwan is straightforward; all it requires is getting your Turkey visa electronically and making flight reservations.

Below we have provided the essential information you should keep in mind before traveling from Taiwan to Turkey, such as how to obtain your visa and book your flight from Taiwan to Turkey!

Do Taiwanese Need a Turkey Visa?

Every Taiwan passport holder needs to possess a valid visa before traveling to Turkey, due to reports from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs shutting down visa-on-arrival services. Therefore, Taiwanese travelers will require either a traditional or electronic visa before starting their travels.

It is strongly advised to apply for an e-visa when travelling to Turkey for business or tourism, and when staying for more than 30 days. A multiple-entry electronic visa valid up to 180 days from the date of entry should also be obtained.

Turkish electronic visas offer many advantages to all Taiwanese, regular passport holders, and service passport holders as well as official holders. Furthermore, this visa can be easily applied for from within your own home; no trips are needed to consulates or embassies to complete this process.

Required Documents

To apply for an electronic visa, three essential documents will be necessary:

Passport – To begin your travels abroad, obtaining a passport is the first step. If you already possess one, make sure that it remains valid for at least six more months.

Email Address: You will receive your visa electronically through email. Therefore, be sure to have a valid email address associated with it as it will be associated with your electronic visa.

Before submitting an application for visa processing, a payment must be made to cover the visa fee. Payment can be made using PayPal account credit/debit/credit cards to cover this cost.

Estimating Processing Times

Once you’ve satisfied all requirements for a visa application, the exact processing time will depend on each individual applicant and should be anticipated with this in mind. Usually, Taiwanese passport holders can obtain their visa within several working days.

Entry Requirements to Turkey

Once you have obtained a visa, it’s easy to arrange your flight and fly directly to Turkey from Taiwan. There are multiple direct flights between these two countries with many flights offering access through international airports using an electronic visa.

Turkey visa from Libya.

Does Libya offer visas to visit Turkey?

As a Libyan citizen, you are eligible to apply for a Turkey visa and can rest assured that if it comes up you’ll definitely be approved for one.

Your passport must be valid to enter any foreign country.

Your decision to travel to Turkey is well-founded and justifiable.

Submit the application form with payment to have it processed.

This article provides useful information for Libyan citizens looking to apply for a Turkey visa as well as any requirements needed. Learn more now.

Libya Citizens who hold an existing or potential Turkish Visa can apply for one from Libyan diplomatic missions abroad.

Turkey offers Visas to Libyans visiting for pleasure, commercial or other reasons. There are two types of visas a Libyan may apply for standard and electronic. Traditional visas are similar to what other nations issue foreigners looking to stay longer in their respective nations.

Libyans seeking a visa should visit the Turkish Embassy in Tripoli. Due to political unrest, some embassies don’t operate normally and are instead located close by for extended periods; certain nations don’t even have embassies in Libya – only consulates exist here instead of embassies; therefore submitting an electronic visa would be the ideal method.

How Can Libyans Apply for an E-Visa? In order to apply for their Turkish Embassy Visa in Tripoli, Libyans need to visit. Due to the instability of Libya’s political landscape and diplomatic service restrictions, however, operations of the Embassy may be less smooth compared with operations in other countries – sometimes lasting for extended durations. Also, some countries don’t even have embassies here and instead only maintain consulates temporarily at various locations in Tripoli – therefore offering Libyans traveling to Turkey the best solution could be applying electronically via an electronic visa instead.

How Libyans Can Apply for a Turkey e-Visa

Apply for an electronic visa for Libya as follows.

Visit an e-visa website in order to start the application process for an electronic visa.

Select your nationality and then your desired location (Turkey).

Give an email address with validity and verify it.

Complete and submit an application form.

Attach all relevant documents.

Application fees must be paid.

Complete the form and monitor feedback closely.

As soon as your form is approved and reviewed, an electronic visa will be created on your application, which should be printed and taken on travels. The review usually takes no more than 24 hours but no less than 2 days.

To obtain a traditional visa for extended stays, it is necessary to follow these steps.

Visit the Turkey Embassy Officials at the Turkey Embassy will give you a form to fill out, which must be returned as soon as possible.

Make sure to attach all required documents, pay the visa application cost through our secure payment system, and return your form directly to our Visa desk for an application.

Within days or weeks after that, the embassy will send out an email notification of its decision.

If your application has been accepted, if successful you will need to visit an Embassy to collect your visa.

When applying for either an electronic visa or a regular extended stay visa in Turkey, your travel and stay are unrestricted until its validity expires, provided that all laws and regulations of your home country are respected.

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