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Truoba Houses – A Unique And Affordable Housing Option?

Truoba houses are affordable, modern houses that are unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. The inspiration behind Truoba home was the idea of One Home, One Tree – each house is supported by one strong tree and can be set up and taken down in only one hour, making it ideal for families on the move or anyone who likes to go on camping trips regularly. It’s easy to see why so many families have chosen Truoba home – if you’re in the market for a new house, take a look at how affordable they are compared to other housing options!

What is a truoba?

A truba is a small, affordable, fully-furnished house with all utilities included in the rent. All that’s needed is an internet connection. Truoba offers three different models of truba: T1, T2, and T3. The T1 has one bedroom; the T2 has two bedrooms, and the T3 has three bedrooms plus one office space. A Truoba tenant may also purchase their house at any time if they wish to make it their permanent home or buy out the lease term for someone else to move in later on. In addition, Truoba architects are on hand to help clients design their perfect floor plans to suit their needs and budget.

How much do they cost?

The Truoba house is the brainchild of architect Richard H. Lewis. It is an inexpensive, eco-friendly modular house that can be built in less than three days. The company is founded on three principles: they are locally sourced, sustainable, and cost-effective. Truoba houses are built from locally sourced materials by local contractors for considerably less than the cost of traditional construction methods. This means that not only are Truoba homes cheaper to build (by over 40%), but they also keep money in the local economy rather than it going to international businesses.

The materials used in building these homes have been engineered with sustainability in mind. For example, they use straw bales as insulation which do not need to be replaced or heated during the winter months as other building materials do.

Where can you put them?

The Truoba house can be built in any location but is most commonly used as an inexpensive alternative to a traditional home. They are best suited for smaller families looking for something cozy and cost-efficient. The house has minimal design features, so it requires fewer architects to build than other, more complex designs. One of the most important aspects of the Truoba house is that it can be upcycled into something new with relative ease by recycling materials from old buildings or shipping containers. This means that you don’t have to worry about any kind of waste during construction because the materials can always be recycled and reused.

Why should I buy one?

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to a traditional home, Truoba might be the answer. With five models and two floorplans, we have something for everyone!

1) The Apple model is perfect for people who want to live small but with lots of space. Its small footprint means it takes up less than half an acre of land.

2) If you’re looking for something with more room, the Pineapple is your best bet. It features three bedrooms, one bathroom and 2 car parking. The curved walls make it feel like you’re living in nature without having to leave the city limits!

Who are the people buying these?

The Truoba House is an eco-friendly, prefabricated house that comes in three styles: the one-bedroom Truoba Loft, the two-bedroom Truoba Loft, and the three bedroom Truoba Loft. They are ideal for people looking to downsize or simplify their lives by moving into smaller living spaces. The affordability of this home is what sets it apart from other prefabricated homes because they are priced to be on par with the average new construction cost of a home.


The Truoba houses are designed with affordability in mind. This is not just limited to the purchase price but also the operating costs of owning one. It is less expensive to heat and cool, has lower utility bills, and can be built on any lot size without needing any regulatory approval. The Truoba team has been hard at work designing this innovative and sustainable home that will revolutionize the way people live in Metro Detroit. The first phase of development includes one-bedroom homes with an attached garage for cars or storage. Future plans include two-bedroom options as well as duplexes for larger families or those looking for an investment property.

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