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Making Home Feel Like a Trip to the Spa

Every person could use a day at the spa. Making this happen isn’t as easy as dreaming about it is. People lead busy lives, and the cost of a trip to the spa may not be in their budgets. However, any person can make their home feel like a day at the spa. The following suggestions will allow anyone to get started on recreating this atmosphere in their home.

Luxury Saunas

Imagine being able to walk from one room to the next and get the health benefits of a sauna. Many people can do so today, as they invested in luxury saunas for sale. However, other homeowners have opted to have this sauna installed outdoors, as it gives them more options with the size and shape of the unit. Regardless of which option they select, the homeowner will find they can enjoy the benefits of a sauna when it is convenient to them and share this experience with others if they desire. However, be sure to follow all safety guidelines when using the sauna for the best overall experience.


Neutral Tones

Visit a luxury spa and notice the walls are painted in a neutral tone. Interior designers recognize these colors relax a person and make any space feel more luxurious. White and beige are good choices, and a person can liven the room up by adding art or accessories in bold colors. When exiting the sauna, these neutral tones should be the first thing the person sees, so they get the most benefit from the time spent in the unit. If the sauna is outdoors, paint the entryway into the home in these colors.

Liven Up the Water

When a person visits a spa, they are often offered water. This isn’t water from the tap, however. The glass usually contains cucumber and lemon slices, as they help to relax a person. Before heading to bed, take a mason jar and fill it almost to the top with water. Add a few cucumber slices, some herbs, and citrus slices. Allow the jar to sit in the refrigerator overnight. This ensures the water gets the full flavor of the additions. Drink a glass of this water immediately after a session in the sauna to cool the body and provide refreshing hydration. This small change can truly make the house feel like a five-star spa. Combinations to try include ginger lime and raspberry lemon.

Lavender Under the Pillows

A certain scent can invoke pleasant memories and calm a person. Modern medicine often overlooks the benefits of scents, but countless individuals who have visited a spa know just how powerful an aroma can be when it comes to relaxing them. It’s easy to bring the scent of lavender into the home. In fact, many bath products for infants come in this scent. However, adults may benefit too. Add lavender essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water and spray the sheets of the bed lightly before making it in the morning. The sheets will absorb the droplets throughout the day and allow whoever uses the bed to get a good night’s rest when they return home.

Remove Clutter from the Home

Luxury spas are wide-open spaces. There is no clutter to be found when a person visits one of these facilities. Recreate the spa feeling at home by removing all clutter. People often assume removing knick-knacks and other small items from the home will lead to a house that feels boring and unoccupied. They almost equate it with a sterile medical environment. This can be avoided by choosing a few statement pieces. They won’t clutter up the space but will leave it feeling luxurious and lived in.

Infused Tea

For those who don’t like water, and individuals who like variety when it comes to their beverages, have infused tea on hand at all times. Everyone will appreciate a refreshing drink when coming out of the sauna. Herbal teas are great when a person wants to wind down. If combined with a session in the sauna, a person will feel truly relaxed. Not only is the flavor delicious, but the smell is amazing too.

Change the Lighting

Harsh lights detract from any space. Fluorescent lights should be reserved for those areas of the home where a person needs to be focused and energized, such as the kitchen. A home that mimics a spa needs a variety of light temperatures to accommodate every mood. Bedrooms benefit from warm-toned lights, and bathrooms do best when they have cool-toned ones. Light dimmers are ideal for adjusting the lighting in any room of the home, so consider this option as well.

Fancy Toiletries

A session in the sauna is soothing, and each session should be followed up by a cool shower to help the body return to its normal temperature. Spend more to get fancy toiletries for use after a session. Spas use high-end toiletries to make clients feel pampered, and a person can get this same feeling at home. There is no need for them to buy the toiletries used at their preferred spa. A person should experiment with different products and brands to find those they love the most. These may not be the products offered at the individual’s favorite spa.

Elegant Clothing

When a person is at a luxury spa, they often find themselves engulfed in an elegant robe that makes them feel pampered and important. Consider investing in one of these robes for the home or choose other clothing items that feel luxurious against the skin. People often exit their home spa and put on flannel pajamas or comfy sweats. They then wonder why their at-home experience doesn’t feel the same as a session in the sauna at their favorite spa. Their clothing choices might be the problem.

Towel Warmer

Combine the elegant clothing with a towel warmer for a truly spa-like feel. Big, fluffy towels that are warm allow a person to move from the heat of the sauna to the air outside the unit easily without getting chilled. Their body will adjust to the change in temperature easier and allow them to continue feeling relaxed and refreshed. What many people don’t realize is the towel warmer also helps to heat the room it’s in. With many styles available today, a person can easily find one that complements the decor of the home while providing these benefits.

A Clean Environment

Nobody wants to walk into a dirty spa. If the place doesn’t look clean, they will leave and spend their money elsewhere. When it’s a person’s home, however, they can’t simply leave and never return. Keep the residence clean to have it feel like a five-star spa. Remove any dirt, fingerprints, and germs regularly. Sweep and vacuum the floor daily, and put away any items that are out of place. The cleanliness of a home significantly impacts how the residence looks and feels.

Essential Oils

Use essential oils throughout the home. Many spas diffuse these scents without patrons knowing they are doing so. As previously mentioned, smells play a role in a person’s mood. Invest in quality oils to get the best experience and choose scents that are pleasing. These oils can be used in a variety of ways. Some people choose to diffuse them to spread the scent throughout the home. Other people add them to the bath products they use following a session in a sauna. They are also great for cleaning the home and giving it a fresh scent, much like the one found in luxury spas today.

Incorporate Greenery Throughout the Home

A person wants to feel relaxed in every room in the home. That’s easier after adding plants throughout the residence. Plants purify the air while providing those around them with a calm feeling. Plants have also been shown to reduce a person’s stress level while helping them recover from an illness. The plants may boost productivity and sharpen a person’s attention. Add some plants today to see how they give the home a feel similar to that in elegant spas.

Throw Rugs

Many people invest in hardwood floors to increase the value of the home while adding warmth to the residence. Cover portions of the hardwood floors with throw rugs to keep the feet warm and make the area more welcoming. People often choose rugs made from natural materials for a more luxurious touch. However, a person should choose rugs they love and ones that add to the space they are decorating. This is what makes the house feel like a home, much as a luxury spa welcomes people in with small touches.

A luxury sauna is a wonderful addition to any home. However, a person might feel as if they are missing out because the rest of the home lacks the ambiance found in elegant spas. With these tips, any home can be transformed into a place of elegance. Begin implementing these tips today to see how they can alter any space quickly and easily.

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