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Top Wooden Toys for Children

Parents frequently struggle to decide which toys to buy for their children due to the abundance of options. Despite the fact that plastic toys are widely available and appealing, wooden toys for children are frequently overlooked. They have a number of advantages over plastic toys in terms of a child’s development. The ideal toy should promote the development of both mental and physical skills while also being safe, reasonably priced, and long-lasting.

If you want to give your child a space free of plastic and synthetic materials, wooden toys are an excellent investment. They also encourage imaginative play without the bright colours and advanced features of plastic toys. It’s quite impressive that you chose our product as your baby’s accessory.

The advantages of wooden toys for young children include:

Environmental Awareness

Wooden toys are more environmentally friendly than plastic toys because they are recyclable and biodegradable. Instead of stuffing dumpsters with harmful plastics, you could buy your child environmentally friendly toys.

Robustness and Longevity

Wood is a powerful and beneficial substance to the environment. This is without a doubt the most important reason for choosing wooden toys for babies and young children. If made of high-quality wood, wooden toys typically outlast plastic toys. Unlike plastic toys, which are bad for the environment because they end up in landfills faster, they are a fashionable option that can be passed down through generations and has a toy-specific meaning.

A yo-yo Made of Wood

The wooden yo-yo is our favourite wooden toy for kids. Use this simple yo-yo to keep your children occupied and away from their phones! These yo-yos are adorable and beautiful because they were handcrafted from locally sourced ivory wood and painted with water-based eco-friendly paint.

Children would use it while concentrating, allowing them to pay more attention, resulting in a longer attention span than other children.

Pull toy made of wood for children

Soft animals such as rabbits, bears, and dinosaurs are popular with young children. Our magnificent wooden pull-along Rabbit, Bear, and Dinosaur toys are ideal for children who have only recently begun to walk. Our pull-along toys will keep your children entertained for hours—these abilities help children understand their position in relation to other objects and themselves.

As they pull this wooden pull-along toy, children use spatial awareness to decide where to go, how far to travel, and what modifications are required to reach their goal. As you engage in play with your child. You can help them improve their language skills by teaching them directional terms like left and right.

The Animal Sacker, Rainbow Sacker, and Colourful Owl Clock are all wooden shape sorters.

This handcrafted item serves many functions aside from being a shape-sorting toy for children. A wooden multipurpose children’s clock that can be used as a shape sorter, jigsaw puzzle, or watch to promote game-based learning.

This toy includes a variety of magnetised puzzle pieces in various shapes and sizes. You should show your child how to insert them into the slots. You can also help your child learn shapes, figures, and colours, as well as the basic measurements required to tell time.

Rattling wood

A wooden rattle could be the ideal gift for your child. Because rattles help newborns become aware of and recognise sounds, they can aid in the development of their attentiveness. As people shake, pound, or interact with the rings, the rattle makes a variety of noises. These sounds have a big influence on auditory stimulation. As a baby becomes aware of the different colours of the rings on a baby rattle, their visual development may improve.

Wooden alphabet and number puzzles

The wooden number and alphabet puzzle is our top pick. Number puzzles are an excellent teaching tool for children who are learning to identify and recognise numbers and developing their maths skills.

Children will improve their problem-solving skills by learning how to correctly join the pieces in this number puzzle. It may also improve their ability to recognise patterns and shapes. Similarly, the alphabet puzzle encourages pleasant language development in babies.

Your children will undoubtedly prefer the options listed above.


If you are concerned about your child’s safety while playing with their toys, it is preferable to provide them with wooden toys. Wood is a safer material to use than plastic or metal because babies prefer to put everything in their mouths. Plastic toys are prone to deterioration, leaving behind sharp edges and tiny pieces that could harm your child.

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