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Top Packaging Mistakes To Avoid For Custom Cardboard Boxes

If you are running any business, the use of custom cardboard boxes is your basic need. Custom cardboard boxes not only provide protection and security to your products but also give a luxurious look to your products and recognition to your company. People mostly remember the brand by its custom cardboard packaging.  Cardboard boxes provide multiple benefits to the consumer:

  1. High strength and security to delicate and fragile products.
  2. Cardboard boxes facilitate your company to pack a wide range of products without damage.
  3. The use of cardboard boxes helps keep company expenses low due to its cost-effectiveness.
  4. These boxes are environment friendly.

Customization of cardboard boxes according to your own need will definitely add more attraction towards your brand. If these boxes are not customized perfectly it may harm the reputation of your company. Good custom cardboard boxes can create a great experience for your customers.

Because of the importance of these custom cardboard boxes for your business, it is very important for you to avoid some silly mistakes as possible in selecting your product packaging. Cheap cardboard boxes can be made with perfection by keeping these ideas and avoiding these mistakes.

Top Packaging Mistakes While Selecting Custom Cardboard Box

1. Unprofessional Look

    It is very important that your packaging material should look professional. There must be some designs, prints, logos or any other symbols that help customers easily memorize your brand. The lack of any graphics and plain boxes will impose no impression on the customer. This gives a negative impact on the business over the customer due to a lack of professionalism. To overcome this mistake you can add attractive and informative pictures of your products, the professional logo of your company, benefits or guidelines of using the product packed inside the box. Moreover, the addition of your contact number or address of your company on the custom cardboard boxes helps the consumer to memorize your brand. All this does not mean adding too must over the box. Too much crowd over the box also confuses the customer making it less impressive.

    2. Inappropriate Product Protection

    The main purpose of the cardboard boxes is to provide protection for the product. This purpose should not be ignored in any case. A lack of proper product protection disappoints the customer if they find their product damaged on unboxing. This leads to unsatisfied customers. As a result, the credibility of your products and company is damaged. To avoid this issue it is important for you to customize your cardboard boxes properly. For this, you just need to consider a few things. You must select the dimension and sizes of the box according to that of your product. The material used should be firm enough to provide protection to your product. So, chose your custom cardboard boxes according to the fragility of your product. You can add protective cushions inside the box to guard your product.

    3. Usefulness of Packaging

    Selection of the wrong custom cardboard box for your product is the biggest mistake. You must need to be more careful in choosing the packaging material. Useful versus wasteful packaging has a great impact on the economy of a business. Excessive use of materials can lead to the wastage of money, time and resources. This makes the brand’s reputation at risk because customer realizes the brand is careless and unreliable. So it is very important that every component of the packaging should be relevant and should have some aesthetic and functional purpose.

    Custom cardboard boxes can also be used to engage your customer with your products by imposing positive impacts. So it is very important for you to enlist all the needs you exactly want for your packaging to avoid mistakes. The selection of useful packaging helps your product from becoming soggy, prevents spoilage by the addition of moisture and can lock heat to keep them warm and fresh.

    4. Spelling Mistakes

    Replacing any packaging material with new ones only due to spelling mistakes costs a lot of money for the company. This shows a lack of professionalism. There must be proper work before customizing cardboard boxes to avoid such silly mistakes. This really can destroy the positive reflection of your company. To get a better connection with your customer it is important to convey clear and concise communication to your customers to build their trust and loyalty. To overcome these mistakes you must need to reconsider the content carefully before printing to avoid errors.

    5. Lack Of User-Friendliness

    Every customer wants user-friendly guidelines. Too much confusing instructions, the addition of a large quantity of text and difficult vocabulary usage cause problems for the customer. This makes them frustrated before unboxing the product. Customers always want ease and comfort. The company always strives to make their customer happy and satisfied. For this, it is very important to focus on the customization of cardboard boxes in a way that makes the customer comfortable and happy with your service. Unboxing should not be troublesome. Boxes should be easily opened and products should be easily accessible.

    6. Forgettable Designs

    The effectiveness of custom design depends on the way how they are being memorized by the customers. The customised boxes you are buying not only to serve protection purposes but also a source of advertisement for your company’s products. They are seen by many people. Using these boxes for promoting your products is an additional advantage of these custom cardboard boxes. For this, you need to create memorable package designs. You can add phrases, motivational quotes and innovative ideas, prints or logos. Playing with colours and images can also add to the purpose.

    Final Thoughts

     Custom cardboard boxes are the need for every running business. They not only provide protection but also help in the recognition of the brand by building its positive reputation. So it is very important to avoid above stated packaging mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes helps your company to save money, resources and of course precious time. You can buy cardboard boxes from My Box Packaging which is a one-stop solution to all your packaging problems  

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