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Daring Moonstone: Gemstone Jewelry that Shimmers with Grace


Moonstone is a stunning and extraordinary gemstone. People have been enthralled by it for many years because of its opaque color that reflects light and gives off an eerie glow. In addition to being mesmerizingly gorgeous, Moonstone jewelry also has many medicinal and healing properties. This is the reason why people are so interested in moonstone jewelry, including moonstone pendants, moonstone earrings, moonstone necklaces, and moonstone bracelets. This blog will go over a lot of fascinating aspects of moonstone crystals, including their characteristics, significance, and potential health benefits.

What exactly is a moonstone?

Moonstone is a kind of feldspar crystal that contains sodium potassium aluminum silicate and exhibits an opalescent and pearly schiller. Your moonstone jewelry clearly has an opalescent shine, which is known as opalescence, if you look at it closely. The peaceful lunar energies of the moon are said to be embodied by moonstones throughout history. There are many different shades of this stone, including peach, yellowish green, grey, and even blue.

Quality elements like clarity and color saturation affect the cost of moonstone jewelry. However, a lot of jewelers offer moonstone imitators, so it’s important to purchase from a reputable supplier or verify the jewelry’s authenticity. Look for signs such as chatoyancy (the appearance of thin lines or waves on the surface of the moonstone when light reflects off of it at various angles) and adularescence (a milky white, bluish glow that appears on some varieties of moonstone; this effect is only visible after you rotate the moonstone under a light source) to determine whether your moonstone jewelry is genuine or not.

The Interesting History of Moonstone

The reason moonstone is thus called is that it resembles a miniature, illuminated moon when held up to the light. One of the rare jewels that has been coveted throughout history is this one. Travelers have worn it as an amulet for protection at night and good fortune in romantic relationships for many years. This gemstone’s feldspar roots may be found in a variety of igneous rocks, including granite.

Moonstone jewelry, including Moonstone bracelets and Moonstone Ring, was prized for its therapeutic powers in antiquity by many different societies. The popularity of custom-made moonstone jewelry has grown over time. This jewelry is offered in a wide range of styles, from tiny pendants to elaborately carved rings. Currently, there are many places in the globe where moonstones may be found, including Armenia, Australia, Brazil, certain regions of Europe, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

Meaning of Moonstone, Along With its Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Moonstone has stood in for the power of the moon since antiquity. It is linked to inner serenity, intuition, equilibrium, and protection because of its close resemblance to moon cycles. Moonstone jewelry has a number of therapeutic advantages. It is thought to lessen tension and anxiety. Physical illnesses like heart palpitations and menstrual cramps might also be helped by it. Due to its connection to the moon, it represents feminine energy. And is beneficial for those experiencing problems with conception and pregnancy.

Since it is also connected to white light, it aids in clearing out negativity and restoring harmony to the wearer’s nature. Additionally, it gives the person mental clarity and emotional stability. Since moonstone often has a rainbow shine, it is said to expand the heart and throat chakras. This is why the energies of moonstone jewelry provide you access to your intuition, enable you to speak your truths, and give you the forces of unwavering love. Check Rananjay Export’s assortment of varied chakra jewelry if you really think that gemstones have therapeutic qualities and that they may help us align our chakras.

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Each of the seven chakras is represented by one of the seven stones, which includes the moonstone. You may be certain that this chakra jewelry is crafted of genuine 925 sterling silver (perhaps the reason why we sometimes run out of stock!). Take a look at how attractive and lovely they are.


A rare and highly desired gemstone is the moonstone. Lapidaries usually cut them into cabochons to create jewelry with a distinctive iridescent rainbow luster. They are associated with the Virgo zodiac sign, and being the June birthstone, they also make wonderful birthstone jewelry. If you want to buy moonstone jewelry, consider placing an order with Rananjay Exports. Since 2013, we have offered stunning gemstone jewelry at wholesale costs, servicing the worldwide gemstone and jewelry business.

As a top wholesale manufacturer and supplier of gemstone jewelry, we work with more than 250 different naturally occurring gemstones to create sterling silver jewelry. Labradorite, Garnet, Chrysoprase, Smoky, Rhodonite, and Green Onyx are a few of the gemstones we deal in. We also sell different sterling silver jewelry, including Casting jewelry, Chakra jewelry, and Moon Magic jewelry. You must register on our website with your company information in order to make purchases from Rananjay Exports. Send us an email at info@rananjayexports.com or give us a call or text at (+91) 9116124275 if you have any questions.

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