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Top Custom Home Design Trends for 2022

Home is not only a place but more of a feeling. You may be living in a studio apartment but it feels cozier than an independent house. Ever since the pandemic, people gained a new perspective and gratefulness for their homes. The one constant thing in one’s life is a place where one can go and relax. Where you can roam in ratty clothes and no one’s going to judge you. But it also means that the place should not only offer comfort but make you feel amazing too.

From layering to change of color patterns to painting trims, there’s a lot you can do with your home. Now, it can be tricky to decide what changes you want in your home. To help you, we have highlighted some recent home designs trending for the year. 

Excited? Let’s read on. 

Color combinations 

The house decor begins and ends with the color choice for the walls, trims, ceilings and the exterior. Some colors are more popular and considered to be a classic choice like egg yolk white or cream in adams housing in Multan. Neutral shades are a safe bet too. However, you may also try varying color shades to improvise the house looks! 

What do you think of brown? A bar of deep chocolate to camel shade of brown is commonly used in furniture but what if you embrace it as part of major interior and woodwork? The choice of cabinets, doors and window frames can look perfect with the green embellishments. The use of deep, rich tons can give a huge makeover to your house.

Natural elements for decor 

Rich earthy tones will complement the choice of brown fixtures. You can incorporate the surfaces and certain objects that are more inviting but also offer a quality air about them. The use of organic materials like wood, stone, and hand-crafted masonry is a perfect option to go with. 

You may see botanical or floral prints if you visit your neighbors in Adams Housing Society. You can try something similar like upholstery, or floral wallpaper. The use of floral design is referred to as biophilic design in the interior design world. 

The use of natural elements for the decor has a positive and soothing effect too. 

Dark kitchens and bathrooms 

How does a dark and moody kitchen sound to you? Wait, what?! If you think about it, dark kitchens are one of the most welcomed trends in cities. People embrace the different colors more openly as opposed to Gen X. 

Interior designers love to throw a splash of color – but not always a brighter one. It could be a contrast between the two shades (between light and darker tones). Similarly, you can choose dark shades for the bathrooms. Dark colors are really a mood-setting. 

Use of bold colors and patterns 

If you were skeptical about dark kitchens and bathrooms, don’t be. The use of bold colors and patterns are new interior strategies that people adore. Bold colors incorporate a powerful statement too. Homeowners who are not yet ready to use dark kitchens can instead draw a line with bold colors. 

They are easy to incorporate and give the right personality to the specific room you choose. So we encourage you to play with unique color patterns you’ve never tried before. Unique color patterns and accent pieces can give an edge to the room setting. 

Sustainable accents 

Long gone are the days when you had to match every bit of furniture. Instead, now the mix and match have a one-of-a-kind finish to it that improves the interior, decor and artwork too. 

For instance, you can embrace the vintage style but repurpose it according to a more sustainable accent. It gives a more allure to the room set too. An old painting with a modern center table could be perfectly aligned and supported by the color contrasts. 

Go with mixing patterns and textures

The use of patterns is ever-changing. Therefore it is hard to get bored when experimenting with a single space. 

Mixing multiple patterns and textures with the type of materials adds another quality layering to the interior. The amount of mixing the patterns with colors creates a visual stimulation for the room too. 

Some people enjoy mixed patterns with bold textures. But some may embrace neutral shades with minimal patterns. However, the mentality with the patterns is that, the more the merrier.  


Home trends keep on evolving from rustic furniture to contemporary designs and whatnot. Whatever designs you choose must fall under your budget to maintain the creativity levels and uniqueness of your home too.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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