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4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Hot Water System Replacement

If you’re like the majority there are chances that you will not consider a hot water system replacement until your current one breaks down. This happens at the most inconvenient timing, such as the moment the guests arrive or you are in a rush to the office for the day. Most of the time we hurry out and install whatever heating system comes up first in front of us, but not make the effort to search for an ideal water heater that meets our requirements and provides the most energy efficient performance. It is better to start your search now. Below mentioned are 4 tips you should keep in mind before making this important decision.

Replace before it’s too late

If you are able to and can afford it, you should consider a hot water system replacement before it breaks. The majority of water heaters are designed to last between 10 and 15 years. If yours is in this year of age, ask your plumber to examine it and inform you on the amount of useful time it’s left. If it’s damaged you should replace it before it begins to leak or the burner stops functioning. In reality, it usually is sensible to replace an old water heater even when it’s in good condition. The savings in energy alone can be enough to pay for the new water heater in only a few years and you’ll be content knowing that you’re releasing less pollution into the atmosphere and also a lesser amount of cash down the drain.

Comparing the True Costs of Water Heaters

There are many important factors to consider when choosing what type of water heater you need to buy when considering hot water system replacement: the fuel type, efficiency and configuration (storage demand, demand and combination) size, price. There are actually two costs to be looked at: purchase price as well as operating costs.

It’s tempting to purchase water heaters and to choose a model that is affordable to purchase and not pay attention to the operating expense. The most affordable water heaters initially are also the most costly to maintain in the long haul.

Sizing Your Water Heater

Before considering a hot water system replacement you will have to first determine your family’s peak hour demand. For this, determine the time of morning or evening (morning and evening) your family will likely require the most warm water.

The capacity of a water heater to meet the demand in hot water usage is measured by its rating for the first hour. This rating reflects the impact of tank size as well as how the temperature of cold water can be heated. In certain situations it is possible that a water heater with a smaller tank but a powerful burner could have a higher rating for the first hour than one that has a bigger tank and a less efficient burner. Ask your appliance dealer for the first-hour ratings for the appliances they sell, or consult the literature of the manufacturer.

If you purchase a large storage water heater, you could lower energy efficiency, as it will increase standing-by loss. If the heater is a gas or oil-fired system, they’ll also lose more heat through the flue. Demand water heaters must be designed to fit the flow rate and temperature increase during winter months that are required for the largest anticipated heater for hot water (usually showers).

Installing a Water Heater

Select an installation company carefully when you plan a hot water system replacement. Check to see if they have expertise with the kind of system you are looking to put in. In the event that your system will be connected into your HVAC system, you can have your heating contractor install the heater. For a great price, get estimates from several contractors and examine the bids with care. Take into consideration warranties, service, and reputation in addition to the cost.


If you are installing the heater, ensure that the heat traps, or single-way valves have been placed on both the warm and cold pipes in order to reduce losses in the pipes. Without heat traps hot water rises, and cold water flows through the pipes which allows heat from the heater to go to the surrounding environment.

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