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Tips To Choose The Best Baby Mattress

Shopping for the baby’s nursery and putting it all together is one of the joyous aspects of expecting a baby. While choosing the cutest bedding and the best paint shade is all for your pleasure, a safe sleeping space is critical as it is a safe and secure place for the baby to rest and grow. So a baby mattress is a critical part of your nursery, as the baby is going to spend a major part of the day on it. While you may feel that any mattress will suffice, there are specific features and considerations that are worth looking for. Here are top tips from experts on choosing the best pick for your baby. Use the tips mentioned below and then shop for the best baby Mattress from Wakefit.

Types of Crib Mattresses

They are mainly of two types:

  • Foam: These are made from polyurethane foam that is high-density. They are durable and lightweight, and many brands make these foams in a natural or eco-friendly manner. Foam mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses, and the denser foams are better and more enduring. 
  • Innerspring: These are made with steel coils as the support layer and are hence more sturdy and resilient. While foam mattresses can lose their shape over time due to compression, spring mattresses have a sturdy construction and provide good edge support. However, the construction quality varies based on the thickness of the coil, coil count, cushioning, number of layers, and cover. A higher coil count makes the mattress heavy and also adds to its price.

The above are the best types of mattresses, as they are generally safe, but the firmness and materials they are made from vary. But what is important to know is that both of these support the baby’s body during sleep and provide good sleep. 

Difference between Toddler and Infant Mattress

In terms of size, toddler and infant mattresses have the same size and are made for the transition to the toddler bed from the crib mattress. One major difference between them is in terms of firmness. A crib mattress is more firm to prevent the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in children under the age of one. A toddler’s mattress, on the other hand, is a lot softer so that they can sleep on it comfortably. Many manufacturers have a double-sided mattress, with one side made for a toddler and the other for an infant. You simply have to flip over and transition to the bigger kid bed. 

Features to Look for when Choosing a Crib Mattress


Safety should be the main priority when picking a baby crib mattress. It is important to ensure that it follows all the safety standards so that the bed fits properly into the crib. Following the safety standards also ensures that your newborn is not at risk of suffocation, entrapment on the sides of the crib, or lacerations. 


When you touch the mattress, you are concerned that it is too firm. You are not alone; many parents of newborns have the same concern. But as per paediatricians and other sleep experts, this firmness is essential for the safety of the baby. Here, a firm mattress means a hard surface that does not jag when the baby sleeps on it. For a newborn, it is more about having a healthy foundation for sleep and less about comfort. 


As per industry standards, a soft mattress for the baby is a minimum of 27 ¼ inches by 51 ¼ inches, and the thickness does not exceed more than 6 inches. This protects the baby from entrapment between the crib and the mattress and potential suffocation. Also, there should be a smaller gap between the side of the mattress and the crib so that the baby does not fall into it. Also, if you are using a portable crib, use the mattress that comes with the product. It may be tempting to add a pillow, a little blanket, or a stuffed toy to snuggle with, but these are best avoided as they can potentially suffocate the baby. 

Extra Features

Safety is extremely critical when it comes to picking a baby mattress, and there are so many available on the market with added features that it becomes overwhelming. One of the features that is advertised the most is that it can reduce SIDS and is labelled breathable. These types of mattresses can only be used if they meet the standards of safety. However, the best way to prevent SIDS is by making the baby sleep on its back on a firm surface. Remove all loose bedding and soft items from the crib and decorate them on the shelves. 

The next feature that you should check is the chemicals. Ensure that the mattress meets the highest standards of manufacturing for a healthy and chemical-free indoor environment. Ensure that there are no toxic chemicals, as that can lead to many health issues. Among the features that are a must-have are that the crib mattress is waterproof, organic, washable, hypoallergenic, and fits snugly into the crib. 


When it comes to the baby’s comfort and safety, you do not want to cut corners, but you also don’t want to spend the entire budget of your nursery on the baby cot mattress. The more added features they advertise, the higher the price range. But having said that, if you are looking to buy an affordable crib, there are many that are available that meet the standards. If you want to protect your investment from spills and accidents, one of the best ways is to use mattress covers that are waterproof, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and organic. 


A crib mattress, on average, lasts about three to five years. However, this varies based on the material and the wear and tear it suffers. As per experts, a mattress with foam of low density loses its shape, whereas those with springs last longer but depend on the coils used. Finally, the longevity of the mattress is based on the material quality that makes it last longer against all odds. 

To conclude, shopping for a baby mattress for a crib is not like purchasing an adult mattress. Take a look at the fabrication materials, firmness levels, safety, and sizes before hitting the purchase button. 

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