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Tips For Travelling with A Baby

Chaos can ensue when travelling with a fully grown baby. Imagine a newborn? These innocently cute creatures can be a terror to travel with and their safety can be compromised in the process. This is why it is highly important that parents always remain aware and be ready for anything.

This means being prepared at all times, learning and having all they need to keep their baby satisfied and protected throughout their travel journey. Let’s be real, nobody wants to go on an unpleasant journey, parents deserve to have an enjoyable trip too. A happy baby means happy parents. Here are a few tips you can follow when travelling with your newborn baby:

Safety is Key

Keeping your baby safe must be the top priority throughout your entire journey. Prior to any packing for your newborn, get the first-aid kit ready to go. Ensure that the kit is full of essential medicines that can help deal with any possible minor health problems. If there are prescription meds, now is the time to pack them up! Take care of your baby’s hygiene and fill up a backpack for nappy bag to use when needed.

Sun Protection

This does not mean you literally bathe your child in sunscreen. But it is vital that your newborn receives optimum protection from the sun using a proper lathing of sunscreen all over the body. This is especially important if your vacation involves heading outdoors frequently. Make sure you cover up every area exposed to the sun with AT LEAST SPF 15 sunscreen, personally I think it is best for you to go with SPF 30 for the most amount of protection from harmful UV rays.

Image Source: Pexels

Drink Enough Water

Pack up some extra water bottles as you and your child have to stay hydrated. This is especially important since you will be breastfeeding. If you are travelling by plane make sure you fill up an empty bottle of water from the airport’s water fountain or purchase something to drink up after passing through security in the airport.

Keep Formula at Hand

Since you will be breastfeeding your newborn during these travels, ensure you carry along some formula with you go. If you are travelling via plane make sure you read through all the policies and guidelines, this is so you can know how much formula is allowed or if it is allowed at all by your airline.

Keep Them Entertained

The last thing you need on your journey is a grumpy newborn. Nobody knows your precious baby better than you do. Go on and grab some of their favourite toys and household items, so that they will be kept occupied during the travels to your destination. Add in some nesting tools, baby mirrors, rattles and soft toys, I mean what baby would not enjoy all of this!

When travelling prioritize baby safety, keep sufficient water and formula and start an amazing journey with a pleasant baby and tons of entertainment. Happy travels!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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