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Three Exclusive BVLGARI Women Watch for Your Collection!

The BVLGARI women’s watch collection features astounding beauty and elegance made possible by the most exquisite Italian design and intricate mechanisms. Known for their outstanding craftsmanship, BVLGARI watches exude style and refinement. BVLGARI watches are the epitome of the brand’s innovative and risk-taking design spirit, drawing inspiration from Roman classicism and the Italian Renaissance.

2022 is the year of responsible spending thus far. High-end watches are the perfect investment for well-made items that will last the test of time. Many people believe that purchasing a high-end watch is a sign of success. These watches, which have been expertly constructed with priceless gems and high-performance features, are more than just excellent timepieces; they are designed to grace the wrist for many years. The disadvantage is that purchasing a luxury timepiece can be overwhelming due to the wide range of available brands, even before considering aesthetics and functional requirements.

Watches have gained popularity among women during the past few decades. Women tend to be more concerned with the appearance of wristwatches since they view them primarily as a form of accessory. Luxury watches play an integral part in uplifting your outlook. A women’s watch can instantly upgrade your appearance, whether going to a birthday celebration, wedding reception, movies, or grocery shopping. 

The elegant women’s watch collection offers a variety of possibilities, which you can mix with various outfits to improve your style. Women can now match their watches to their aesthetic preferences. A BVLGARI watch women’s collection is the way to go if you want to gift someone or inspire yourself.

What Is the Best Way to Wear a BVLGARI Women’s Watch?

Women’s watches might occasionally go out of favor because men’s timepieces frequently take center stage. Some women confuse the function of a watch in fashion and often classify watches with jewelry. Watches are genuinely investment items that can add style to even the most simple outfit, similar to handbags and shoes. When wearing a watch to make a fashion statement, limiting the glittery and vibrant hues to only your wrist is preferable. On the other hand, it would be best to tone it down and stay away from timepieces that are too showy or blingy when you want to pull off a formal outfit. There are many top watches for women that you may wear for any event or occasion. 

Why Is BVLGARI Watch Women Best for You?

A woman justifies the symbol of modernity, technology, and the future because she embodies strength, originality, and timelessness. These requirements are also perfectly met by the women’s collection of BVLGARI watches. The BVLGARI’s intricate design draws on Rome’s vibrant culture and merges it with technology to create the one-of-a-kind timepiece. These watches are luxurious, comfortable, and both incredibly classic and modern. Similar to Roman culture, BVLGARI has a prosperous past. And as time went on, they specialized and added more detail to their timepieces.

History of BVLGARI

One of the first Italian jewelry companies, BVLGARI, was established in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris. Even though Sotirios Voulgaris had little money when he left Greece for Italy in 1880, he was an expert silversmith. He used the phonetic pronunciation of his last name, BVLGARI, for the name of his company. The jewelry store’s emblem is spelled as BVLGARI using the conventional Latin script. Mosaics, coins, and Roman architecture influenced jewelry by Voulgaris. Despite its headquarters in Roma, BVLGARI makes most of its jewelry in Valenza.

BVLGARI gained appeal in the 1950s among American socialites and Italian aristocracy. Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Jessica Langue wore BVLGARI jewelry in well-known Hollywood films like Roman Holiday, King Kong, and Cleopatra. Other famous people that adore BVLGARI include Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Zendaya.

Revolution of BVLGARI Women’s Watches

Until recently, Bulgari would not have been regarded as one of the leading luxury watch companies, but it is now one of the best and most skilled watchmakers in the business. Bulgari is competing to become one of the world’s top watchmakers with innovative movements and accomplishments. Baselworld 2010 saw the debut of the Calibre 168, the first in-house movement produced by Bulgari. Since then, the Italian jeweler-turned-watchmaker has racked up a long list of impressive—and unexpected—accomplishments.

The brand’s renewed zeal, as evidenced by its triumphs in the field of watchmaking, can be credited with much of Bulgari’s recent success. The introduction of such a technically brilliant and artistically stunning design significantly improved Bulgari’s standing. Previously known as a jeweler who wanted to make watches, Bulgari established a name for himself outside the jewelry industry. Watch enthusiasts were left wondering what would come next from the Italian designer after the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon’s release.

There is no denying Bulgari’s dedication to excellence and innovation in the watch industry, and the company is entirely devoted to the future. The brand has been one of the most unexpected in the watchmaking industry because of Bulgari’s eye for design and technical accomplishments. We are, however, eager to see what Bulgari has to offer next, so that much is certain.

The First BVLGARI Timepiece: 1920

When Bulgari began mass-producing jewelry watches in the 1920s, most of the timepieces made then were in the venerable Art Deco style, which emphasized geometric patterns and precious settings rather than movements. It was distinctive and ostentatious, with bold coils of gold studded with gems.

First Serpenti: 1940s

Since the 1940s, Bulgari has produced a line of jewelry known as the Serpenti series. According to Bulgari, the Serpenti collection represents the sensual snake, which has roots in ancient Greek and Roman mythology, coiling around a history of humanity. It is a symbol of wisdom, vitality, and sensuality.

Iconic Tubogas: 1955

After fifteen years, BVLGARI added the iconic Tubogas, a sensual industrial design made with top-notch artistry techniques, to its women’s collection of watches. Because it resembled the gas pipe of an Italian automobile from the 1920s, BVLGARI goldsmiths used the Tubogas technique for many years.

BVLGARI Roma Limited Edition: 1975

The first series watch thus represented a turning point in 1975. The quartz model from the 1975 first series, produced in 100 pieces for high-end customers, has a digital display with grey liquid crystals that dramatically contrasts with the gold refinement and a strap composed of leather, plaiting, and polished frayed.


BVLGARI had to start producing the BVLGARI Roma model immediately because there were so many requests for copies. Because of this, the brand stood out and became ingrained in its family’s history in the center of the Eternal City. Even there, the business successfully launched the BVLGARI BVLGARI line in 1977, which has since joined the exclusive club of genuine historical figures in watchmaking.

BVLGARI Sport Watch Diagono: 1988

The Diagono model debuted in 1988 as the first in a new line of sports watches still distinguished and characterized by the BVLGARI BVLGARI emblem on the bezel. We bring up these two designs because the Aluminium Watch was released ten years later, integrating features from Diagono (chronograph) and the BVLGARI BVLGARI (engraved bezel).

We won’t include the remainder because we want to avoid embellishing the past. Let’s now talk about the newest women’s watch lineup for 2022.

BVLGARI Latest Women’s Watch Collection: 2022

BVLGARI presents its most recent products at the international show, combining Swiss watch knowledge with exquisite jewelry artistry. The fluid bracelet formed of hexagonal scales and the recognizable snakehead-shaped case are beautifully paired in three new models from Serpenti Seduttori, a brand created to make every moment precious. Serpenti Tubogas unveiled two new designs to celebrate the Bulgari serpent’s historical roots, coiling the wrist with its fabled industrial-inspired bracelet.


Bulgari makes time chime by fusing Italian design with Swiss watchmaking know-how and the highest levels of craftsmanship. The new Octo Roma Emerald Grande Sonnerie watch brings together the wonder of sound and precious stones in a magnificent meeting of Haute Horlogerie and High Jewelry. In contrast, the new Octo Roma Carillon Tourbillon watch gives a resolutely modernist interpretation of two classic complications—the tourbillon and the striking mechanism.


The new Lucea Intarsio watches convert the characteristic brightness of the Roman sky into dazzling and three-dimensional gemstone dials, capturing all light changes. The dial’s intricate and elegant structure, meticulously carved in relief employing the traditional métier d’art technique of marquetry, also known as “Intarsio,” ensures maximum chromatic effect while adding a jewelry touch to the collection.


A new standard inside the company meets an unequivocal icon. One of the tiniest mechanical movements to date, Piccolissimo, joins the new Serpenti Misteriosi secret watches. This genuine gem of microtechnology is contained within breath-taking jewelry works of art that uphold Bulgari’s unmatched aesthetic perfection and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Collect the Best Memories With an Exquisite Collection of Women’s Watches!

The most acclaimed feature of designer watches is the engineering that goes into creating one. A team of artisans that have mastered the craft by fusing art & engineering produced the status symbol on your wrist, from the delicate see-through dial features to the custom-colored numbers and sandblasted texture. The vividness of minimalism sets the tone for what’s trendy in design. On the online section of branded watches for women, the brands and high-end fashion companies set these trends.

Women’s watches are essential to any wardrobe, whether for high-profile occasions or everyday statement appearances. However, luxury and branded timepieces for women take it further by serving as the inspiration for current fashion trends. The Kapoor Watches Co. has assembled an unending aisle of high-end, name-brand watches for women that are expertly made and created by well-known designers.

Want to know more about women’s watch prices? Hurry to the official website of Kapoor Watches Co. and explore hand-selected curation from brands like BVLGARI. 

About Company

“Kapoor Watch Co. is a family-owned watch retail enterprise with one of the largest brand portfolios available. KWC was one of the first companies to join the Indian watch retail market when it was founded in 1967. Mr. D. S. Kapoor, a watchmaker, created the business with the vision of offering high-quality timepieces with an equal emphasis on after-sales service. With this conviction, Mr. Amarjeet Kapoor and Mr. Sandeep Kapoor have advanced the business, expanding it to 11 locations across Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, as well as a service center in Delhi.”

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