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Things to Know Before Your Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy examines the interiors of the large intestine, including organs like the rectum, colon, and anus. Colonoscopy can be called an endoscopy of sorts since the procedure includes using an endoscope. An endoscope is a flexible device that has a camera attached to its end. This tube will be inserted into your body and it will transmit images of how the internal organs are faring to the doctor controlling the camera. The type of endoscopes varies on the organ that would be examined. Colonoscopy involves the colonoscope examining the anus and also the rectum and colon while it’s at it. If you are in Laval and require an appointment, simply type ‘colonoscopie Laval’ and you are good to go.

How Does Colonoscopy Work?

When you will be in the doctor’s chamber for a colonoscopy, you will be asked to change into a gown and you will be given anaesthesia for minimisation of discomfort. Alternatively, instead of anaesthesia, you may also be given a sedative. Then the doctor will ask you to lie on your side and draw your knees to your chest so that the colonoscope can be inserted into your rectum. The tube where the camera will be attached will inflate your colon with air or carbon dioxide so the doctor can get a better view. At the same time, the camera will send photos to a screen or monitor. If the need arises, the doctor may also insert other instruments for taking samples of tissue and/or the removal of abnormal tissue or polyps if they are present. The colonoscopy process can take up to 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

After the process is done, you will still be sedated, so you will need to be driven by someone. The doctor will probably tell you before the commencement of the process that there may be some bleeding after the operation which is normal. However, if there is continuous passing of blood or if there is fever or if there is pain in the abdomen, you will have to contact a doctor as soon as possible. The results of the colonoscopy will be shared with you by your doctor. They can recommend when you can take the next exam. In case the doctors come across some abnormalities, they will recommend follow-up appointments. Colonoscopy may be required by anyone. If you are in Montreal and want to make an appointment, simply type ‘Colonoscopy Montreal’ and choose from the range of results.

Preparation for Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is sometimes frowned upon because of its invasive nature. It is sort of invasive, unfortunately, but when it comes to the prevention of colon cancer, colonoscopy is the way to go. Before the process begins, you have to make sure that the colon is empty for being examined. The steps are:

  • Make Plans: No one but the doctor will be your best guide on how to prepare yourself for a colonoscopy. You will be given instructions and you are to maintain contact with your doctor every step of the way so that the preparation can meet the requirements. You may need supplies such as moist wipes, food that has low fibre, laxatives prescribed by the doctor, juices, sports drinks, and broths.
  • Modify Your Diet: Next comes the cleansing process. You can eat light food such as ones that have low fibre that can be easily digested and leave your system just as easily. Some examples of what you can have are rice, white bread, and eggs. The ones that you have to avoid, however, are items that have fat, corn, broccoli, and such like. Also, avoid vitamins or other supplements. You should talk to your doctor about when you should cease taking your prescription medicines if you use them regularly. 
  • Fasting: You cannot have anything solid a day before your colonoscopy in Montreal. You should only have liquids that can be seen through. Keep yourself hydrated by using a lot of clear liquids like apple juice, sports drinks, and clear broth. Soda, coffee, and tea are also harmless including gelatin and ice pops. However, keep away from colours such as red, blue, or purple. The colours can cause a discolouration of the lining of the colon and cause problems with the process. Milk and orange juice must be avoided.
  • The Night Before: On the night before the colonoscopy, you will have to clean your digestive tract using a lot of laxatives. The process is also known as split-dosing. The process will involve having half a gallon of liquid laxative and then having another half a gallon about six hours before the operation. The laxative will result in frequent and violent defecation. There may be vomiting as well. If the effects are severe, the doctor may recommend a break. You may still be facing these problems on the way to the doctor. In this case, keep adult wipes and extra clothes close because you will need them.


The process is not easy but it is required to get rid of problems in your colon. Also, the process has evolved a lot over the years so the process will be painless and all possible side effects. Appointment for colonoscopie in Laval can be booked easily if you just look it up on the internet. 

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