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The painful effects of diabetic foot ulcer on people’s health

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be challenging, it restricts one’s life in many ways but that’s not all it also invites other health conditions. Diabetic patients also suffer from health problems like kidney damage, foot damage, hearing impairment, skin and mouth diseases, nerve damage, and even cardiovascular problems as a side effect of diabetes. There are many cases where a diabetes patient can be searching for diabetic foot ulcer treatment in Canada on the internet in hopes of treating their problem in the best way.

Health practitioners around the world always suggest their patients take good care of their health to avoid the health complications related to diabetes. They suggest that patients follow a proper diet, maintain a healthy sleep routine, take proper medications, and exercise regularly so that they can avoid any problem related to the kidneys, the nervous system, or the heart. But sadly in all of this one health condition that gets ignored is foot damage.

Foot damage like diabetic foot ulcers has affected the life flow of people for years, this is why there is a huge demand for diabetic foot ulcer treatments nowadays. Diabetic foot ulcers are open sores that do not heal even after a long period of time. The early signs of this condition can include symptoms like pain, burning sensation, or even swelling. 

What are the best treatments for this type of health condition?

If you are suffering from diabetic foot ulcers then rather than trying home remedies, it will be best to consult a podiatrist for a more effective treatment and excellent care. Some of the treatments that are suggested by podiatrists who also perform pediatric flat foot surgery are listed below.

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy – Many doctors suggest that this treatment is very effective for speeding up the whole healing process of soft tissue damage which is an effect of diabetic foot ulcers. During this therapy, the patient is supposed to sleep on their back on a comfortable bed in a chamber that has a connection with an oxygen machine which will fill the chamber with 100% chamber. This is also used as an effective treatment for diabetic foot ulcers because breathing clean oxygen is proven to be good for increasing the quantity of oxygen in the bloodstream. This is very effective for this kind because oxygen-rich blood has the ability to speed up the healing process of foot ulcers by stimulating growth in stem cells. 
  • Custom orthotics and braces – To relieve the pain related to diabetic foot ulcers, podiatrists who also deal with pediatric flat foot surgery also provide their patients with custom-made orthotic shoe inserts or braces as they can be quite a help in redistributing the body weight across the joints and bones while one walks. These types of shoe inserts are very firm but provide extreme softness, moreover, they can also contain foam or gel in them that can be great for providing proper support to the foot and comfort while walking. These inserts are created of soft padding that has a donut-like shape that surrounds and supports the foot ulcer.   
  • Antibiotics – If the foot ulcer gets infected then you will notice that your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics which are usually taken orally. These medications are great for fighting and killing the bacteria which are the leading cause of the infection. It is better to take these antibiotics only after consulting a podiatrist. This is important because the overall duration of taking these medications depends on the extent of the infection. In adverse cases, if the infection has already spread to the bones or the tissues around the wound then it will be best your podiatrist will opt for those antibiotics which are injected right through the veins and are delivered into the bloodstream for fighting the infection.    


Who is prone to get a diabetic foot ulcer?

Diabetic patients are prone to develop painful diabetic ulcers in their feet, basically, people who use insulin. It is mainly very common in older men who are Native Americans, African Americans, or Hispanics. Alcohol or tobacco addicts or even overweight people also can be at high risk of developing these foot ulcers.

What is the significance of treating this kind of ulcer?

Treating diabetic foot ulcers through diabetic foot ulcer treatment in Canada at the right time can be very helpful in reducing the risks of any possible infections or amputations. It is also very effective in improving the overall functioning of the feet, resulting in increasing the quality of life. 

How are these types of foot ulcers formed?

Many factors work in tandem into the development of these foot ulcers, factors can be poor blood circulation in the feet, lack of feeling in the feet, feet deformities, or any extensive trauma.

How to prevent diabetic foot ulcers?

The only effective way of preventing foot ulcers is to stop their growth in the very first place. Go for regular checkups with any podiatrist as they will be able to determine if one is at high risk of this kind of development.


Diabetic foot ulcers are a very serious medical condition and it shouldn’t be taken lightly under any circumstances. If these are not treated at the right time then they can result in potential amputation, challenging the quality of one’s life. In this post, all the effective treatments for this condition have been properly listed and we hope it can be of help in case of diabetic foot ulcer treatment in Canada.   

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