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Understanding the science behind the cosmetic process of Belkyra

The field of cosmetic surgery has witnessed a dramatic shift last few years. While the number of people seeking cosmetic treatments is larger than ever, a lion’s share is gravitating toward non-surgical procedures. They like the idea of enhancing their looks without getting cuts on their body and skin. Belkyra is one of those many non-surgical cosmetic treatments that has taken the beauty industry by storm.

During this process, injections filled with a type of effective fat reduction acid are injected into the individual’s jaw area to reduce the submental fat. This procedure is great for eliminating double chin and helps reshape your face.

Now let’s talk about the science behind this non-surgical cosmetic procedure.  

Just like Botox in Gatinueau, this process also deals with the use of injections as a way of executing the whole process. An acid named deoxycholic acid is used during the whole process. It is a molecule that naturally occurs in the human body and works in breaking down stubborn fat and later on absorbing it. Chin fat is very stubborn in nature and can’t be removed that easily but this process is great for completely eliminating these from the chin area. 

Mechanism of the whole procedure

Belkyra works into breaking the integrity of the chin fat by disrupting it. The whole process further results in a process known as adipocytolysis which leads to the gradual breaking down of the fat cells.

After the fat cells are successfully damaged then your body’s natural metabolism will enter the whole picture and it will gradually completely eliminate them through your lymphatic system. You won’t be able to see the results overnight but after some sessions of this treatment, you will surely be able to see a significant change in your chin area.

What can be expected after the procedure?

It is extremely normal to experience some tingling effect in the initial hours after the procedure. Similarly, some individuals also experience some swelling during the first few days right after the procedure.

Although this totally depends on the amount of chin fat that is being treated through the process, some swelling is good because it is an indicator that your immune system is responding well to the whole treatment.

Benefits of using Belkyra to lose chin fat

  • It is backed by science – Just like Botox in Gatineau, this process is fully backed by science and moreover, it is also approved by renowned medical professionals, so you can be fully worry-free when you choose to undergo this process.
  • It improves your facial feature – This treatment doesn’t deal with fully changing the appearance of your facial features or your chin. Rather this deals with enhancing the shape, by giving it a more sharp and structured look.
  • The results are long-lasting – Sadly there are many cosmetic surgeries that need to be redone after a point of time.  Well, the good thing is with Belkyra there is no need of again undergoing the whole procedure as long as you maintain a stable body weight. As long as you do that, fat will not accumulate in your chin area after the procedure, proving that the results are pretty long-lasting.
  • It has a targeted approach – This cosmetic process is designed in such a way that it can damage and eliminate the submental fat which is otherwise hard to be eliminated through extensive exercise or even diet. The injections that are used during this procedure directly destroy the fat cells of the chin area and give you a slim and sharp jawline.
  • The treatment is extremely fast – If you are someone who has gone through any other cosmetic procedure before, then you will know that it takes many consultation sessions and appointments to go through any procedure. Well, that is not the same in the case of Belkyra, it takes a 30-minute consultation session, during which your cosmetic surgeon will be able to assess your chin area. Forget months of appointments and procedures. After a 30-minute appointment to assess and map the chin area, the overall process is very quick, and depending on the area of action, you will need somewhere around two to four sessions of the treatment and then you are done. After this, you’ll be able to see the results in four to six weeks.
  • Easily manageable side effects – As we discussed earlier in this article, the side effects to this procedure are minimal. In most cases, you can manage them at home with little professional intervention. However, if the symptoms persist even after two to four weeks, schedule an appointment with your doctor.
  • The process complements other treatments – This process will work excellently with any other cosmetic procedure that you plan to go through, like skin tightening, treating fine lines, Botox in Gatineau, or face contouring with dermal fillers. 

Key findings

In recent times Belkyra has become extremely famous among individuals who like to enhance their facial features through cosmetic surgeries. This immense popularity is due to its non-surgical and safe nature and ability to provide effective results. In this blog post, we have tried to incorporate all the information that is important for anyone who has decided to undergo this procedure or planning to, hope this helps. 

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