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The Six eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tests Impacts Immediate ROI

Today there are a large number of companies that seek to make money on the Internet. To do this, they create various platforms to attract as many customers as possible and encourage them to take action. The action can be buying a product or service, subscribing to a newsletter, or downloading a book. Sometimes, the platform attracts many users but fails to induce them to take action. In this case, the entire business suffers losses. CRO tests can solve this problem. They allow you to identify and fix leaks in conversion funnels. They can provide them with a lot of helpful information that you can use to beat the competition.

Boost site performance

Research shows that conversion rates decrease by 4% every second a page is waiting to load. People prefer to stay, so if your site loads quickly, it positively affects whether the customer is willing to purchase.

In addition, the long loading of the site negatively affects the ranking of your platform in search engines. Your company’s place in the search engine depends mainly on user behavior. If the client leaves before the page loads, this site is terrible and should not be shown in the search.

The good news is that page optimization is not a highly complex process; you need to follow these steps:

  • Install caching plugins;
  • Reduce page size;
  • Optimize product images;
  • Compress data.

Although your entire site is significant, special attention should be paid to the main page, ordering, authorization, and payment for goods and services. Most often, customers leave if there are problems with these pages.

Page performance testing is the most straightforward CRO test, but it will take a long time if your site has too many. Thus, it would help if you focused on the most critical touchpoints. You can move on to the next one as soon as you reduce the waiting time on the most important pages by at least 2 minutes.

Make your checkout process more efficient

Usually, a high percentage of refusals to issue refusal indicates that there are some problems. It helps you determine when most users refuse your services and understand why this happens.

You can connect the registration function through social networks or email to get started. Practice shows that people want to spend less time on registration, so you should simplify this process as much as possible.

Other things you can optimize for include:

  • Autocomplete;
  • Optimize your site for mobile devices;
  • Provide various payment options.

Today, analytics allow you to understand at what stage most users abandon a purchase, which will help you correctly change your strategy. It would be best if you read more on this subject.

Add Scarcity to Create Urgency

If you indicate on the site that there are a limited number of products left in the assortment, this encourages customers to make quick decisions. Sometimes customers have an idea to buy some outcome, then something distracts, and the person does not return to it anymore, but if you create the illusion of scarcity, this stimulates them to act instantly.

Today, scarcity is a powerful marketing tool that you can successfully use. There are 2 main ways – to indicate a shortage of goods or time to buy (for example, several hours are left before the sale’s end). From a testing standpoint, you need to test which of these options will work best, given your company. In some cases, you can use both types together. After that, you can see its impact on the client’s decision-making.

Improve your navigation

Your website must be as easy to navigate as possible. Ideally, all pages should be accessible within 3 clicks. No one will dig long on your site to find the necessary information. Research shows that poor navigation is the most common reason customers leave websites.

Improved navigation improves the user experience and increases the likelihood of conversions. Improving navigation is tough, so it’s worth starting with how people use your menu. It will allow you to highlight popular and unpopular links and correctly place them on the page – popular on the left, less on the right, and those not used at all – in the footer.

Reduce the percentage of the abandoned shopping cart

Reduce the percentage of the abandoned shopping cart

According to statistics, the cart abandonment rate is approximately 70% (which is a lot), and your goal is to reduce this rate as much as possible. To do this, you can use pop-up windows to remind you that there are still items in the shopping cart or send emails or other features that might be used for the basket.

E-commerce application testing will allow you to determine what errors lead to buyers refusing to purchase selected products and give recommendations on how to solve this problem. Do not neglect testing your eCommerce project at any stage of its existence. Even the functionality of the application that works at first glance can have bugs, for example, in the backend. In this case, the owner of such a project risks being left with nothing in the future.

Turn on free add-ons to boost your sales

Competition is a nightmare for every business, but customers are happy that many similar stores enter the market because they can choose the best conditions. You can offer customers discounts or free goods or services as a gift. Your business may incur losses in the early stages, but in the future, this will attract more customers, which means your profit will grow.

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