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The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 8 Review

The eighth episode of The Simpsons’ 33rd season, “Portrait of a Lackey on Fire,” honors the show’s most reclusive character. Waylon Smithers served time as an all-too-common carrier of a secret identity in a setting where labels persist for as long as atomic residue has a half-life.

Some of the series’ best writing can be found in the innuendo-filled exchanges between the protagonist and his boss, Mr. Burns. Smithers’ personal life hardly ever interfered with business in earlier seasons, unless you had to get past his network firewall to view his introduction screensaver.

Here, he receives the chicest accessory—a completely developed episode. On the Burns estate, the narrative begins. We view his home, as well as the McMansion he built for his dogs, and learn about his recent litter of rare Louis Dobermann puppies. Which are rumored to be direct descendants of Karl Friedrich.

Whichever of Burns’ wealthiest pals sent the most extravagant bribe will receive one of the puppies that Smithers has trained to be murderous enough to serve as guard dogs.

Hugh Jackman and The Simpsons Finish Season 33

“Poorhouse Rock” is the most punk episode The Simpsons Portrait have provided in a long time, even with the consistently entertaining Hugh Jackman at his most Broadway lyrical as a magical singing janitor.

It’s like listening to Johnny Rotten sing “Schoolhouse Rock” with the message that you have no future. Naturally, The Simpsons would never select such an obnoxious piece of music for its most riotous episode.

The music suite that serves as the episode’s focal point is catchy, dammit, because the writers want the audience to remember it. Robert Reich isn’t the most obvious option for an earworm, but they tell it like it is, focusing on a sizable chunk of their own audience as well as the studio that gives them a living.

When everyone returns to the manufacturing floor from the Second World War, the song starts. Yes, it was racist, but through hard work and perseverance, an American middle class was built that is now being drained dry the obscenely wealthy, like Mr. Burns and Scrooge McDuck.

With the possible exception of Krusty the Clown, who finally received the tax relief he had been angling for, they are the Bezos, and the rest of us are the Bozos.

The song calls out the QAnon lunatics and climate doubters who are so extremely simple to terrify into voting to destroy the safety nets.

The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 1 Review

In a Hollywood Golden Age film about barnstorming local theatre. Mickey Rooney or Judy Garland may say. Why don’t we do the play right here?” Sadly, “The Star of the Backstage” from the Simpsons cannot be rented for free. For the season 33 premiere, the techies, theatre geeks, and all the animators practically go all out.

Marge never considered herself a vocalist. But she had only fond memories of being the stage manager of her high school musical. The Simpsons are masterful at this. It’s fine and would make for a memorable episode of any other sitcom, but “Monorail” is not the case here.

The Simpsons Feature an Online Easter Egg to Honor Continuity Watchdogs

A few weeks ago, amused Simpsons fans took up the roles of Pontius Comic Book Guy, practically crucifying. The shows are continuity watchers for meddling with the 32-year-old series’ timeline.

The 1990s are briefly referenced in the episode “Do Pizza Bots Dream of Electric Guitars? When Homer was a 14-year-old aspiring DJ. However, the accepted chronology from earlier episodes maintains. Homer and Marge first connected in high school in 1974. When they were both teenagers (the year rock attained perfection). Some fans criticized the retrofit as a serious oversight.

One admirer tweeted, “Homer is, like, a millennial.” Another clarified, “Homer is actually younger than Bart now. The dad of The Simpsons would be “married with two kids, and starring at this point in his life. He is watching a TV show that have been on since 1989, claims one author.

A “huge continuity fault” is shown the upgraded graphic. Which appears at 4 minutes and 33 seconds. Selman teased this. Homer is introducing his newly revamped robot pizza spectacular when it happens. Keep an eye out for any retro artifacts alongside the Calamari olives.

What Makes The Great North Different From Other Bob’s Burgers

Although there are some superficial parallels. You’ll see that The Great North is so much more than just. An Alaskan setting for the Belcher family the end of the first episode.

It have distinct humor and characters, and. It have the potential to be more than just a competitor to Bob’s Burgers. A wholly original experience.

The Family Absence of a Mom is Handled in a Refreshing Way

The absence of a mother is currently a major trope in animation (just look at pretty much. Every Disney film from the 1990s), and. When one does appear. She is typically quirky or excessively loving, especially in comedies. In its debut episode, The Great North gives both of them a fresh spin.

The other kids then reel off all the terrible things she did. Such as renaming their dog Grandma so she wouldn’t lie. When people inquired if they were with Grandma.

She and her “new lover” create a blog on retailers who won’t catch you shoplifting. Even in her final letter to Ham, she merely penned the phrase “smell you later.”

Mr. Nick Offerman Exists As Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman have honed the endearing and sarcastic persona that made him famous in Parks and Recreation over the years. Even if his portrayal of Beef doesn’t significantly break from that pattern. It does allow Offerman to be friendlier than his most well-known character.

The Simpsons Portrait OF A Lackey On Fire

It appears like Moe is not the only character this season who is having issues with love. After the two-part incident from the season, Springfield is almost back to normal. In this week’s episode, a different character discovers the strength of love. Smithers, Mr. Burns’s assistant, is the culprit this time. Sadly, despite its name, this new romance have nothing to do with the popular 2019 French romance movie it alludes to or images of women on fire. Other than that, it’s a likable episode with a few redeeming qualities.

This episode’s formula didn’t give much in the way of a compelling storyline. First, thanks to Homer’s matchmaking abilities, Smithers is dating an ideal man.

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