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Concept of Khula in Islam:

Khula is an Islamic concept of divorce. For Khula in Pakistan, Here you need to Know the Legal Khula process and in Pakistan and Khula Procedure in Pakistan for the Female. In the Islamic family law, Khula SharTalaT refers to the act of seeking a divorce from one’s spouse. While the word Khula is derived from the same root as Khula, the concept of Khula is different from that of Khula. In Islam, a woman can seek Khula if all the 3 choices of dissolution of marriage (i.e. Talaq, Fasid Talaq and Khula) have been utilized. In Khula case, the woman, or rather her representative (if she is represented), makes a demand for dissolution of marriage by giving her husband a certain amount of money called Khul-al-Fi’li. Once Khul-al-Fi’li is paid, the husband is obliged to accept the dissolution of marriage and it is legally binding.

What is Iddat and Khula?

What is khula? Khula is one of the ways of dissolution of marriage under Muslim family laws. The wife can apply for khula if desired to divorce her husband. Khula is the dissolution of marriage by the wife applying for divorce. However, the husband has the right to accept or reject his wife’s application for divorce. Khula is dissolved at the instigation of the wife, the very word Khula means a desire for freedom. The wife is entitled to a financial support from her husband for a period of 4 months, which is called iddat.

Khula is a legal way of separation in which a wife can ask her husband for divorce based on her consent and husband taking her back her dowry. __% of all divorce cases in India are filed under khula. Khula divorce is easy, but it is an expensive option. If a couple do not have any children, and if their marriage was a short one, their divorce case can be decided in a matter of a few months and they are allowed to remarry. Khula case can also be filed if the husband has abandoned his wife, or is impotent, or has contracted a life-threatening disease, or has no income and cannot pay for the maintenance of his family. Khula is the best option for any woman who does not want to be in an unhappy marriage.

Islamic Concept of Khula:

Khula is an Islamic concept for divorce initiated by the wife. In classical Islamic law, and still in many contemporary Muslim societies, a wife may petition a qadi court for a divorce from her husband without his consent, and the court may grant her a divorce. The concept is mentioned in the Qur’an, where it is initially presented as a woman’s right, though a man may also initiate it. The conditions of this process are Surah 65 of the Qur’an, where it is referred to as a unilateral divorce.

Islamic View on Khula?

Family disputes are treated as a serious issue in Islam. The holy Quran has given sufficient details to treat problems in the families. We will take a look at how to solve family disputes through Islamic Law. Khula is a right given to wife to dissolve the marriage. But it is not as simple as it seems. There are several conditions that need to be fulfilled to grant Khula. The first and the foremost condition is that wife must be sincere for Khula. If she is not sincere about separation then the chances of success will be very low. According to Islamic Law, the disputes may arise from the husband or wife side.

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