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The Emerging Trend of M-Commerce in Pakistan 

M-commerce is a trending technology in the world of mobile marketing across the globe. And this technology is spreading in Pakistan too. You can do e-commerce activities on mobile devices. Now it makes it easier for users to engage in e-commerce operations. If a company provides services for online purchases, it can be very challenging for competitors. So, it is beneficial for mobile shopping, banking, and payments. 

The importance of mobile commerce is increasing among the youth of Pakistan. The industry’s growth is rising daily because many people know about m-commerce. Furthermore, you can access your banking details on your smartphone. Now, there are many applications through which you can complete your financial transactions without difficulty. 

The language of the future is mobile commerce. As time goes on, more smartphone users are becoming aware of the potential and power of their devices for business. Therefore, prospects for mobile commerce are bright, especially in Pakistan.

M-Commerce is the New Trend in Pakistan.

M-commerce is becoming a popular trend in Pakistan. This is a convenient way for all those who use smartphones. You can shop online, search online, pay online payments, and do banking work. Now Pakistan is increasing the production of local mobile phones, which is very beneficial for m-commerce. 

A study was conducted in 2018 in which the e-commerce sector in Pakistan showed a rising trend of 3.4 million transactions worth 18.7 billion. Mobile commerce is proving to be a successful client touch point in this sector. For a better user experience, their new multi-category app has upgraded restaurant algorithms. Users can track their order history, select a pin location, view various products, apply price filters, and use the multi-cart feature. Many online stores now offer their goods and services through mobile commerce in Pakistan. 

  1. Mobile Shopping 

Mobile shopping is very common nowadays. Every other person is using their mobiles for online shopping. You can purchase online products through mobile-friendly applications, websites, and social media platforms. 

  1. Mobile Banking 

Mobile banking is used to do transactions online. Now you don’t need to go to banks or make transactions physically. Just download the dedicated application and make transactions by using e-commerce technology. This might be restricted on some devices because of sensitive information.

  1. Mobile Payments

It is an essential feature in the world of e-commerce. Now with the help of technological progress, you can make your payments through mobile payment applications. It is very convenient these days. You don’t need to carry cash with you all the time. Just use the technology and make your life comfortable. 

Advantages And Disadvantages of M-Commerce Trend in Pakistan

Advantages Disadvantages 
Wide range network Connectivity issue 
You have access 24/7More costly 
Easy to use Fear of losing investment 
Various methods of payments Security risk 


Mobile technology is spreading all over the world. This is very convenient and easy to use. The production of mobiles is increasing, which is very beneficial for Pakistan. YouFbran can easily use online banking transactions, online shopping, and online payments through mobiles—many online stores and websites launch applications for mobile users. Shopyourz is taking part in this emerging trend of e-commerce in Pakistan. And they are trying to facilitate their users with the advancement of technology. M-commerce is expanding very fastly across Pakistan. People are shifting from desktops to smart mobiles because they are effortless. And the availability of mobile phones is very easy nowadays. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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