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How to Choose a Family Dentist

Few people enjoy visiting the dentist, but it is essential to maintaining healthy teeth. It can be overwhelming to find a new dentist. Keep reading for a few tips to find a dentist that the entire family will love.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask trusted family and friends for recommendations for a Family Dentist Near Me. Also consider asking about dentists that people do not recommend. For people who are new to an area, check with neighbors, new co-workers, or teachers at children’s schools. Ask specific questions about the dentist and support staff.

Family Dentist

Online Reviews

There are plenty of search engines to find dentists in any area. Consider narrowing the search by filtering dentists with at least four stars. Read individual reviews. Great dentists will have many positive reviews highlighting their experience and skills.

Check Out a Dentist’s Website

Once someone has a short list of possible dentists, it’s time to start narrowing down the list. Visit the dentist’s website. It should be informative, user-friendly, and professional. Read the dentist’s “About Us” page to learn more about the dentist’s qualifications, education, and experience. A website usually shares information about services the dental office provides and health insurance policies.

Explore Dental Insurance Providers

Patients who plan to pay using their dental insurance should confirm that the dentist is a provider through the insurance company. This information is found by checking dental insurance websites and, sometimes, on the dentist’s websites.

Patients who do not have dental coverage should consider out-of-pocket prices for routine and restorative procedures. Some dentists offer membership plans that can provide perks of dental insurance at a fraction of the cost.

Visit the Office

New patients should schedule a consultation time to meet a dentist and staff before making the first appointment. Make a list of questions and bring dental records along so the dentist can be fully informed when answering questions.

Consider asking dentists how they handle emergencies. Is a dentist on-call on the weekends and evenings in case of an accident or injury? If someone in the family has anxiety at the dentist, ask what kind of anesthesia the office provides.

Consider Location and Hours

Convenience is also essential. Consider choosing a dentist close to home that provides extended hours to meet family needs. Another consideration is the dentist’s policy on missed appointments. Is it acceptable to provide a 24-hour notice to cancel an appointment? No one wants to be subject to an additional fee if they miss an appointment.
Finding a new dentist does not need to be overwhelming or difficult. These tips will help get anyone on the right track to finding a great fit for the whole family.

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