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The Best Tourist Destiny in Dubai

Dubai is your next destination if you are planning your vacation. The second largest state of the United Arab Emirates that have various remarkable destinations for tourists. Dubai should be your first stop while planning a beautiful trip. The state gives overall joy and entertainment to its tourists with a number of attractions including Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Frame. so, wrap your bags and get ready for an exciting and wonderful vacation in the land of sand. Dubai has a number of resorts ready to serve its tourists. Some of them are discussed in the article to guide you if you are planning your vacation to Dubai.

Global Village

The global village should be your first destination in Dubai which hosts about five million tourists every year with an open heart.  The global village is among the cultural, entertainment and entertainment project. It involves the participation of about 75 countries which display their heritage, culture and food cuisine in the event. The global village is awarded the region’s first family and cultural destiny for the residents as well as international tourists.

If you are planning to attend the global festival with your family, you will definitely go to have a ball. You and your family will enjoy the concerts, food cuisines of different countries, shopping varieties and an outclass firework. The festival encloses 32 different canopies. Each is represented by different nationalities showing their heritage and cultural festivities that appeals the tourists to them. The global village is a different and unique festival that takes place every year and serves their tourist the best services either in food or shopping.

Dubai Marina

This is another exciting and wonderful experience in Dubai Marina for you if you love boating or cruise shipping, that was developed by Emaar Properties and designed by HOK Canada with eye-catching views of the numerous buildings. It also serves the tourists finger-licking food, a romantic candlelight dinner for the couples and a fun-filled view of various buildings waiting to welcome the tourists. In recent times, the Dubai marina has emerged as a fascinating and attracting spot for those who love to explore Dubai. If you really want to enjoy and feel the essence of the Dubai marina, plan it in the evening. The beautiful picture of the buildings that are lit up with the sunset gives immense pleasure to the viewers.

However, the management is trying to make advancements in the resort to provide more comfort and fascination to the tourists. You can also enjoy the walk around the marina with the sunset or moonlight to absorb the charisma of the view. There are different cruise services and yachts that offer the tourist experience an entirely different kind of voyage with respect to the place.

The yacht and cruise services also aim to entertain their tourists with a variety of entertainment. You can memorise the moments with the snaps taken by professionals. Dubai marina offers one of its advanced and luxurious hotels to tourists with great facilities. Several tourists from different demographics love to choose the hotel services that serve them with high quality and beautiful views. There are legal firms in Dubai who helps the tourist industry to facilitate the tourists as per rules and regulations. These are related to the tourism industry and provides the best quality suggestions to tourist who want to explore the beauty of Dubai.

Dubai Frame

Dubai frame is among the largest frames in the world. It is the next destination for the tourist who wants to explore the fascination of the frame from the sky. Dubai’s frame has a height of 150.24 meters and measures 95.53 meters in width. The frame aims to cover the beautiful view of Dubai city. It deals with the beautiful landmarks of a modern city if the tourist has a look from south of the observatory bridge. From the north, old Dubai landmarks are observed.

There are different levels in Dubai frame that appeal to the tourists to explore them accordingly. The first level encloses the mezzanine level which has a beautiful museum and an art gallery. The art gallery ends to present the evolution of the city from an old village to a modern tourist destination. You will experience the charisma and magnificence of the special effects that are embedded in the museum.  

From the sky deck level, you will experience jaw-dropping scenarios that will amaze you in a different way. You will love to explore the 3D image view with the eyes of the commentators who takes you into another world of imagination. The commentary will also increase your knowledge with respect to detailed information about the views. The sky level will take you to the vortex tunnel that will take you to the world o flying taxis and moveable buildings.

The vortex tunnel aims to represent the city 25 years ahead with modern advancements in technology. You will experience a thrilling experience while visiting the vortex tunnel. The trip is not ended yet. You will also experience a superb experience of walking on the glass floor and enjoying the transparency of the floor from a height of 150.24 meters. The frame serves millions of tourists daily who come and experience this unique technological achievement and embraces the architecture of the frame. The tourist not only knows about the history of Dubai from the gallery. Moreover, the future of Dubai is also experienced by them with the diversification in technology.


Dubai is waiting for you to welcome the most remarkable destinations that will make your trip more exciting and adventurous. From the cultural diversification that you will experience in Global village to a long walk on the glass door of Dubai Frame. The city has enclosed the most beautiful and amazing sites for its guests to visit and explore them.

Additionally, the candlelight dinner at the yacht of Dubai marina or a long walk near the palm Jumeirah. You will absorb a peaceful and soothing breath that will take you to another world of imagination.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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