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An Overview of Dubai as the Guide for Travelers

Dubai is regarded as one of the fascinating places in the world and the best city in the United Arab Emirates. However, it once was a small fishing village that had few resources. But now, Dubai is a skyscraper that represents Arab culture and traditions. Moreover, it is filled with astonishing buildings and architecture like Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Khalifa, the tallest building, around 828 meters long, in the world. 

Dubai is rich due to its free trade, low-income tax, and tax rate. However, Dubai is known as a popular business hub and wealthy state. Moreover, it boasts the world’s highest international passenger flow, the east gateway.

The language spoken in Dubai is Arabic, and the culture of Dubai mainly revolves around the religion of traditional Arab and Islamic cultures. Furthermore, the primary influence of both can be seen in architecture, music, cuisine, attire, and lifestyle. 

Dubai offers multiple exciting places and activities that make your visiting experience exquisite. Moreover, there are mega malls that offer hundreds of stores, so if you are a shopaholic, you should visit them. Also, Dubai offers tranquil beaches with mesmerizing ocean views on sparkling sand.

Dubai offers the most impressive skyline globally, which looks brilliant from the top. If you are adventurous, visit activities like skydiving or hot balloon rides. Moreover, you will witness the glory of this place and enjoy the skyline view from a birds-eye view.

Dubai has its beautiful art and design as the capital of the Middle East, which offers you the festivals like art Dubai and design days. Travel there as there are incredible . 

Fabulous Places in Dubai to Visit

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is considered one World’s tallest buildings, where you can see 360 views on the 124th, 125th, and 148th floors. Moreover, this magical building is located in the heart and is considered a day and night activity hub. You can visit this place with your family & friends, where it has a vast and photogenic attraction that looks magnificent. The ambience of Burj Khalifa is unbelievable, the top-floor sky lounge is incredible and serves authentic food, and the experience of the sunset from there is lovely. 

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is the World’s largest artificial island, offering exciting activities with top-notch services like food and resorts. Going to Palm Jumeirah is simple due to its monorail, which connects to the mainland’s tram. 

Furthermore, the entrance of Palm Jumeirah is from the bridge which connects the trunk to the spine. Palm Jumeirah is home to apartments, retails, royal hotels, crescent, and resorts. Also, it holds more than 10 thousand people, and the most famous picturesque zone is the long fronds, which look blissful with an aerial view. 

Global Village 

The global village is considered one of the most entertaining, cultural, and family shopping destinations. Moreover, this place looks magnificent from interior to exterior. They serve different types of food such as Indian, Afghani, Italian, Arabian, Turkish, and Thai. All these cuisines have their taste and ingredients that serve authentic taste. Furthermore, visit this place with your family, and enjoy happening events like live shows and concerts. Also, witness a magical carnival and stunning stunt show that makes your visit exquisite. 

Dubai Dolphinarium 

Dolphinarium is a home for multiple bottlenose dolphins that is majestic and intelligent. Also, you witness blissful birds with exotic North and South American fur seals. The Dolphinarium is famous worldwide for its interactive and inspiring show. It is an entertainment show where you witness dolphins which is a major attraction for every tourist. Also, there is the exciting bird and marine mammal show.

Furthermore, this show is known for its world-class service and facility, where guests of all ages can participate in various activities like feeding exotic birds and swimming with dolphins. Moreover, 5D and 7D cinema experiences will increase your enjoyment. Besides, there are fantastic souvenirs to buy with unique dining options, where you can find exotic food and cuisines. 

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is a giant frame across the globe, and the structure of this frame is inspired by the world expo 2020. This frame is situated in Zabeel park, which looks magnificent day and night. Reflects the diversion between old and new Dubai. Moreover, this frame is a splendid architecture 150 meters long with golden colour. In the evening, it reflects multiple colours that enhance the glory of this frame. 

Furthermore, numerous places are there to hang out near this Dubai frame: a light structure glow garden, Karama shopping complex, and a blissful water fountain. These will increase the joy of your Dubai frame trip and make it thoroughly memorable. Besides, you can eat delicious food there, which offers multiple cuisines. 

Miracle Garden 

Miracle Garden is fully equipped with lush greenery and natural flowers, and it is considered a beautiful Dubai garden in Dubailand. Moreover, it is spread around 72 thousand square meters, which is wide to explore, and the planted flowers are around 45 million. More or less, this fantastic garden is heaven for those who like nature’s beauty. 

Furthermore, although this garden will give a positive aura throughout the year, the best time to visit this authentic garden is between November and May. Besides, you can visit near flooding points, which is again this place’s speciality. 

Wrapping Up

In addition, all the places said above have different gems to explore, and the activities are impeccable, which makes you eager to revisit. You can plan a trip, as the Dubai trip cost from India is not much high, so take full advantage of these benefits. Go through these details, as mentioned earlier, about Dubai, and take the experience of this unique place. 

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