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Instructional Guide to Enable Linksys Extender Guest Network

Whenever a guest comes to your house, are you asked to provide the password of your Linksys extender network? Well, sure you don’t mind doing that, but are you worried that your guest might share the password with someone else and your home network will get unsecured? Well, this is a fear that many Linksys extender users out there have. But, worry not. The reason being, we can help you out by suggesting you something. You should enable Linksys guest network. Once you are done, you can provide the Linksys guest password to your guests, giving them the satisfaction of accessing your network, but not the primary one. Follow the instructions mentioned in this post and learn how to enable Linksys guest network on your wireless range extender.

How to Enable Linksys Extender Guest Network?

It is recommended that you follow the below-mentioned guidelines in the same way as they are written. We are saying this because an improper reading of these steps can cause technical issues for you in the future.

  1. Plug the Linksys Extender

You need to commence the process by taking your Linksys wireless range extender and plugging it into a wall socket. See to it that the wall socket is not damaged from any point. Otherwise, your extender will not be able to receive sufficient power supply thereby becoming the first reason stopping you from creating a guest network.

Apart from that, if your extender model came with a power cable, then you need to make sure that it is not damaged or worn out. Also, it should be properly connecting the Linksys range extender to the power socket.

  1. Connect the WiFi Devices

The next step is to gain access to an Ethernet cable. Connect the Ethernet cable to the ports located on your Linksys wireless range extender. Ensure that the cable has zero cuts. Additionally, the Ethernet port on the extender as well as the router should not be broken.

Although connecting your networking devices using an Ethernet cable is always recommended, in case, you want to opt for another source, then go ahead with wireless.

  1. Open an Internet Browser

Once you are sure that the connection between your networking devices has gotten stable, switch on your laptop. What is that? You do not have a laptop? Have a computer instead? Well, no problem. You can switch that on. Both of them will serve the same purpose.

Select Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and open it on your computer. Be aware that using an outdated web browser will stop you from enabling guest network on your Linksys extender. So, only use an updated web browser.

  1. Access the Web Address

Go to the address bar of your web browser and enter extender.linksys.com there. This is the default web address of your Linksys wireless range extender. You can use it anytime when you want to change the settings of your extender. Press the Enter key.

For your information, if you want to enable a guest network on your Linksys router as well, then do not make the mistake of accessing extender.linksys.com. Instead, visit linksyssmartwifi.com. It will take you to the http //linksyssmartwifi.com login page.

  1. Perform Linksys Extender Login

After pressing the Enter button, a window will appear in front of you. It is called the Linksys extender login page. There, you will find two fields. One will ask for the username of your range extender and another for the password.

Therefore, enter both the details into their respective boxes. Right after that, hit the Enter or Log In button. Soon the Linksys extender setup wizard will reveal.

  1. Enable Linksys Guest Network

Locate the Settings button on the Linksys extender setup wizard. Under the Administration section, click the WiFi Settings option. After that, click on the Guest Network button and hit Enable. Wait for a couple of seconds.

Although after following these instructions, you will be able to enable the guest network on your Linksys extender, in case, you are not able to, then do Linksys extender reset.

Summing Up

These were the steps following which you will definitely be able to enable guest network on your Linksys wireless range extender. Now, you can kiss goodbye to worrying as your guests wont’ be accessing your main WiFi network. The reason being, they have a duplicate one to plug their claws into.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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