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The Best Free Android Games of 2022

With so many Android phone games to choose from in the Google Play Store, it can be hard to choose your game. Don’t worry, here we present our list of the best free Android games currently available.

It should be noted that these are a selection of free games and that they therefore contain, in many cases, in-app purchases. Among these games of all kinds, from action games to sports games to war games, some of them also include advertising in the menus or during the game itself, while others do without ads, hoping that players, if they enjoy the game, will buy items. All models coexist.

All games have been tested, the few problems we have encountered are mentioned. Finally, we can’t ignore the possibility of using your Android smartphone to run much more demanding games and environments: with the Nvidia GeForce Now app, you have access to a large catalog of PC games whose computation you delegate to remote supercomputers. With a (good) 4G/5G or Wi-Fi connection, you get the graphics back and enjoy titles that would have been inaccessible to the Android ecosystem.

Pac-Man 256

Created for the 35th anniversary of Pac Man, this game propels the “round as a balloon and more yellow than a lemon” hero in a rather clever and successful runner. A success that owes nothing to chance since Bandai Namco has partnered with Hipster Whale for the occasion.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Tom Nook sits comfortably in your smartphone! The successor to Animal Crossing: New Leaf on 3DS and an excellent alternative to Animal Crossing: New Horizons when you don’t have your Nintendo Switch with you, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the mobile version of one of Nintendo’s most addictive and kawaii franchises. In Animal Crossing, you are free to organize your space as you wish and befriend whoever you want: it’s a Nintendo-style life simulator, as relaxing as it is time-consuming! The goal this time is to customize your campsite with objects and furniture, socialize with other villagers and complete daily quests.

Mario Kart Tour

The fourth mobile version of Nintendo’s catalog, after Animal Crossing, Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World, Mario Kart Tour was perhaps the most anticipated. The phenomenal success of this zany racing series where banana skins and turtle shells follow controlled skids and turbo starts has been proven. Transposed to the small screen of a smartphone, it fortunately retains all its flavor.


Released in 2013 and winner the same year of the award for best mobile game of the year, Badland is an adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a small creature that has to progress through various environments filled with danger. With a very simple gameplay and principle, Badland turns out to be very successful, and offers an incredibly pleasant game experience thanks to a sublime atmosphere, due to enchanting musical and graphic compositions.

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Pokémon Go

Hunting Pokémon outdoors, trading with friends, multiplayer raids in arenas (including remote and invitational), PvP battles around the world, battling Team Rocket in hot air balloons, special evolutions with items, or purifying obscure Pokémon… Pokémon Go has become incredibly fresh since its launch. Whether you’re using it as an alibi to move more or you’re suffering from acute collectionitis, there’s every reason to get into it.

Brawl Stars

With several million active players, Brawl Stars has become a mobile gaming phenomenon since its release in 2017. Developed by Supercell (the team behind Clash Royale and Clash of Clans), this MOBA-style multiplayer fighting game offers players from all over the world the chance to fight (as a team or solo) in a supercharged atmosphere. Nearly 30 fighters (or “brawlers”) are to be unlocked, each with their own powers, abilities, and upgrade possibilities.

Alto’s Odyssey

Released in 2018, Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to the now famous Alto’s Adventure, a minimalist runner that combined beauty and simplicity at the heart of a relaxing and poetic game. This sequel takes the principle that earned its success to its elder, and pushes it a notch higher thanks to ever more beautiful environments, and an absolutely magnificent soundtrack that carries the action at every moment.

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