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Here’s How Lexani Wheels Plans to Dominate the Luxury Rims Market in 2023!

If there is one thing that industry watchers and experts agree on, it is that the 2020-2021 have been disastrous for the custom rims market. And this is a worldwide phenomenon.

As the cost of living has shot up, people are gradually separating themselves from what they consider non-essential items. High-end deluxe aftermarket rims like Lexani Wheels have borne the brunt a bit more than most of its competitors.

Savini Wheels, another giant of the custom-rim market, has also seen poor sales across its network in the United States and Europe.

Even Tesla, which outdid its own performance by selling over 1 million EVs worldwide in 2021 (an increase of over 80% from 2020 figures), has been hesitant in churning out its famed OEM rims. The sales volumes of aftermarket Tesla Wheels, which are manufactured by some of the most respected companies, have also been in the red.

There is a lesson to be learned here. And it seems that Lexani is already chalking up a way to return to pole position come 2023.

What’s the current status of Lexani Wheels?

Lexani has been at the forefront of the small list of manufacturers which specialize in forged rims that have the heightened concavity for superior performance.

Just a few weeks ago, we spotted a brand-new Ferrari 458 Italia in bright orange wearing a custom-made set of forged rims. That was Lexani’s flagship LZ-101. The model was launched a few years ago but has since undergone several changes and facelifts.

In fact, as opposed to arch rival Savini Wheels, Lexani has been seen tying up with some heavyweight brands of late.

For example:

  • A Mercedes AMD GT-C with the fantastic Lexani Stuttgart rims in 20-inch diameters.
  • Another Mercedes S580 adorned with Lexani’s M-772 Shadow rims.
  • A Silverado on a set of XVR-1 Insane rims.
  • A Cadillac Escalade on their Ghost rims.
  • A blue and heavily modded Lamborghini Aventador outfitted with the LZ-770 rims.
  • Finally, we also saw a spectacular low-slung Mustang wearing the new LF (Lexani Forged) 757 aftermarket rims.

A quick glance will tell you that these are extraordinarily expensive vehicles with some leading their respective categories. This is something that Lexani Wheels has done on purpose, and that is brand recall.

While doing some research on this piece, we stumbled across AudioCity USA, one of our favorite retailers of premium rims and a lot of other cool automotive stuff. At their brand-new headquarters (established after nearly 33 years of dominating the market in sunny California), we also spotted a Tesla Model S Plaid in satin black.

It lacked the factory-fitted Tesla Wheels and was instead prancing around like a leopard in Lexani forged rims. We could not identify the model, however.

Yet again, the point is that Lexani has decided to up the ante and move a lot ahead of the competition.

But what about 2023?

After discussions with market gurus and people who are avid racing experts, we came to the following conclusions.

  1. An increased number of forged models with lower price tags: While Lexani has been adding more and more forged luxury rims to its existing families, we expect that number to rise by a bit as the company will soon start rolling more forged and multipiece rims.

The only difference will be in the price tags. For well over a decade now, clients have equated Lexani with high prices. This was a justifiable assumption but that is set to change as the company tries to attract more clients with lower price tags while not compromising on quality by one bit.

  • Make way for more off-road rims: This is a chapter from the Fuel Wheels playbook and also one that Tesla Wheels follow. With the rise in the demand for off-road rims that can also deliver optimal (and often sublime) experiences on paved surfaces, Lexani plans to make their new products even lighter and a lot more durable and resistant to the harsh treatment off-roading entails.

To this end, we expect that the company will soon begin pouring enormous sums into their world-class R&D department. The company is already one of the leaders in cutting-edge rims which sell across the world. That activity will probably pick up a lot more momentum.

  • Expect more strategic partnerships with aluminum suppliers: High-grade aluminum is the backbone of the aftermarket rims industry. From cheap rep wheels to premium and custom-made Savini Wheels, every manufacturer is trying to go one up over its rivals in the procurement of aluminum in greater quantities while keeping the quality labels intact.

This American giant will soon ink a few crucial pacts with some of the world’s largest suppliers of aluminum. Lexani is looking beyond the ubiquitous 6061-T6 grade raw material. It is aiming for even better aluminum which will usher in the Space Age right into your driveway.

That means 7075 and 2024-T6 grade aluminum! And that will truly be a revolution.

  • An eye on EVs: Lexani Wheels wants a piece of the pie of the up-and-coming tsunami of electric vehicles which is about to be unleashed very soon. We already have EVs which are very similar to modern sports cars.

Now that the company knows that it has to make more customized rims for high-end EVs, Lexani knows it has a pretty big task on its hands.

The bottom line

We can also expect a better supply chain for all of their models plus more company-owned outlets.

There are plenty of other tips which are not yet verifiable. But one thing is certain: Lexani Wheels takes its future very seriously but is not too vocal about their plans!

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